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Title image - BAI takes you to:  Kilimanjaro
Why climb with Berg Adventures

Kilimanjaro Expedition Dispatches

Berg Adventures Mount Kilimanjaro Climb and Safari

Lemosho Traverse, August 11 – 29, 2012

This group of family and friends from around the world is off for an adventure of a lifetime to the captivating Mount Kilimanjaro!

Standing at 19,340ft/5895m, Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest point in Africa and one of the 7 Summits. Come join the climb as dispatches document their journey from the plains of Tanzania, through tropical rainforests and dry alpine deserts, to glacial artic conditions. Birthdays will be celebrated and magical memories will be made. The group then embarks on six action-packed days of Safari. This trip will offer the chance to explore Tarangire and Serengeti National Parks where Africa’s diverse wildlife can be enjoyed.

Follow along on this once in a lifetime trip.


  • Shelley Harris
  • James Harris
  • John Thiers
  • Susan Omoto
  • Jos De Smedt
  • Marielle Boily
  • Stephanie De Smedt
  • Philippe De Smedt
  • Lynne Mazey
  • Teresa Salmon
  • Ross Salmon
  • Elizabeth Cloutier
  • Merran Christie
  • Pascale Gelinas
  • Remi Gelinas
  • Joe Riche

Safari-only team members:

  • Kimberly Spearns
  • Luc De Bisschop
  • Annick De Bisschop


  • John Mtui
  • Emma Malaba
  • August Ngowi
  • Brayan Karua
  • Cyprian Mtui


  • Sostenes Minja


  • Mashaka Gabriel
  • Noel Peter

Dish washer:

  • Prosper Tira

Tent Crew:

  • Jeremia Nyari
  • Philbert Kirigo

Camp manager:

  • Paulo Moley

Kwaya master:

  • Chaji Boy

Toilet crew:

  • Jacob Willium

Latest News and Daily Dispatches:

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