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Title image - BAI takes you to: Iceland

Trekking in Iceland with Berg Adventures – Trip Description

Trip Highlights:

  • Explore the world’s northern-most capital city, Reykjavik
  • Climb the Hekla and Bláhnúkur volcanoes for amazing views
  • Trek through the active geothermal areas of the Reykjadalir Valley
  • Enjoy long summer nights above 60ºN
  • Soak in the famous hot springs of the Blue Lagoon

Rich with unique natural landscapes defined by volcanoes and geothermal features, Iceland is truly a place of adventure and exploration. The coastal regions of Iceland are wet and green, defined by raging rivers, flowing waterfalls, colorful geothermal pools and rolling verdant hills and crags.

Steam rising from the earth is beautiful and adds an aura of mystery

Steam rising from the earth is beautiful and adds an aura of mystery

Coastal region – wet and green

Coastal region – wet and green

Arriving in the peaceful coastal city of Reykjavik

Arriving in the peaceful coastal city of Reykjavik

In contrast, the country’s interior is best described as an arctic desert which scientists have likened to the surface of Mars. Some scientists have even studied these arctic deserts in order to better understand the Red Planet! On our adventure we will see examples of both types of landscape as we trek across the beautiful and remote Fjallabak Nature Reserve.

Iceland's interior - arctic desert, Mars-like landscape

Left: Enjoying the views from the top of a volcano; Top right: Trekking through the Mars-like landscape of Fjallabak Nature Reserve; Bottom right: Rolling red mountains define this gorgeous landscape

The natural world is very much a part of everyday life in Iceland. Nearly all of the country’s energy comes from renewable energy sources and the country has no electrical grid. The creation of National Parks, Nature Reserves, Country Parks and Natural Monuments has contributed to a feeling of national pride in the country’s unique natural wonders.

Iceland is undiscovered and full of secrets ready to be uncovered! Join us on this one-of-a-kind journey to a land filled with folklore, mystery and, above all, beauty.

Iceland: natural hot spring, Iceland architecture, and the Hallgrímskirkja church in Reykjavik

Top left: Our reward for a long day of trekking is a soak in a natural hot spring; Bottom left: Iceland’s architecture has a strong Scandinavian influence; Right: The Hallgrímskirkja church in Reykjavik is a distinct feature in the landscape.


To trek in Iceland you need to be in good physical condition, no climbing or mountaineering experience is necessary. Start training today to make the most of your adventure! In Iceland you will find weather typical of mountain environments – conditions can change quickly and can range from hot and sunny, to cool and wet or even snowy. Consult our gear list to make sure you have the necessary equipment for your trek.

Mountaineering Option

Iceland is home to a number of exciting peaks for you to climb. If you have a few extra days and the desire to strap on some crampons, ask us about our mountaineering extensions in Iceland! The tallest mountain in Iceland, Hvannadalshnúkur (6,900ft/2,110m), is a challenging climb offering fantastic views and taking you across many stunning glacial features. Or you can climb Eyjafjallajökul. This famous volcano made its mark on the world in 2010 when it erupted and caused major air travel delays throughout most of northern Europe. See firsthand the mark that the eruption made on this beautiful mountain landscape. These climbs each take one day to complete plus an extra day beforehand to travel to the staging locations. Contact our office for details.

No prior mountaineering experience is necessary. And don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to pronounce the name of the mountain you climbed. Your friends will be just as impressed by your use of Icelandic as they are by your mountaineering feat!

Internet Broadcast

Updates from your adventure will be posted on and on Berg Adventures Facebook page. If you would like to have a specific dispatch posted for your expedition, please contact our office for details. We will be happy to accommodate your requests. Our dispatches have been used by family and friends to follow the progress of our groups and by schools to learn about the wild places we visit. They can be a wonderful lasting archive of your adventure.