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About Berg Adventures International

Challenge, personal achievement, cultural learning and our unsurpassed dedication to your adventure travel experience — that’s the Berg Adventures promise.
Wally Berg, founder of Berg Adventures International

Wally Berg

Founded by world-class guide, educator and expedition leader Wally Berg, Berg Adventures International (BAI) is committed to travel, adventure, and learning.

Wherever we go, our goals for each adventure are the same:

Personal Achievement:

Adventure travel is always humbling. The accomplishments of exploring the far-off places and climbing high peaks can enrich lives far beyond the excitement of reaching a summit or the end of a magnificent journey. The preparation, training and dreaming that precede a great adventure are important parts of the total package. From a Galapagos exploration to the top of Mount Everest, from Marco Polo’s Silk Road to your quest to climb the Seven Summits, we will be with you every step of the way to help you realize your goals.

Cultural Tourism:

A deeply rewarding part of every BAI trip is connecting with the good friends we have made during our decades of trips on every continent. Your BAI adventure will be led by top guides who will help you immerse yourself in the culture around you, not stay apart from it.

Cultural interaction

Cultural interaction is a big part of a BAI trip.

Solid, Fun Group travel:

Years of expedition life have shown us the value of teamwork while exploring new terrain of the earth and the spirit. Through the intensity of your efforts in wild, demanding places, and the laughter shared along the way, expect to build strong bonds with your teammates.

We also realize that your journey may be intensely personal. With our high ratio of BAI guides and support staff, you can move at your own pace and still be fully engaged in the social framework of the team.

Outstanding Communication

Outstanding Communication


We pride ourselves on having seamless communications. Wherever we are in the world, guides are in direct contact with BAI’s home office. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures clear communications among all team members, too.

The Internet expedition dispatches we’ve pioneered since 1997 are perfect for sharing your personal odyssey. Family, friends, and associates back home can check the BAI web site each day for the latest updates and photographs of your travels. You can access all the reports and pictures from your travels whenever you want by clicking on our permanent archives. Check the Dispatches section of our site for archived dispatches from recent BAI adventures.

Unique Adventure Travel Itineraries:

The highest peak on every continent. The snow-capped summit of Kilimanjaro. Everest Base Camp. The vast wilderness of Antarctica. The Galapagos Islands. The summit of Mount Everest. Whatever your chosen destination, Berg Adventures goes where few others venture. Our personalized, uncompromising dedication to quality sets us apart from all the rest.

We tailor every journey to meet your expectations. Friends and family members sharing a travel adventure will find every aspect of the trip perfectly matched to their individual abilities and interests. Whether it's group travel, corporate adventures, or charity and fund-raising climbs, we bring uncompromising standards of service and quality to helping you turn your dreams into success.

BAI trips are unique, too, because of what happens before and after our major treks and climbs. Our ascent of Mount Elbrus begins and ends in the captivating Russian city of St. Petersburg. We climb Lobuche Peak before attempting the summit of Ama Dablam. And a Berg Adventures safari is worth the trip to Africa on its own, and a great adventure to share with family and friends after a Kilimanjaro summit climb.

Value of Teamwork

Berg Adventures Knows the Value of Teamwork

Responsible Travel:

In an age of 'Leave No Trace' principles, we continue our long-standing commitment to ecologically sensitive, low-impact adventures.

Through cultural awareness and personal connections in the communities we visit, we have established goodwill and long-term relationships with many people around the globe. BAI’s staff members on every continent are well-paid, care about your experience, and are eager to share their cultures with you and draw you into their world.

We hope you'll make Berg Adventures a part of your next great adventure!Wally Signaure