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Title image - BAI takes you to: Robson

Climb Mt. Robson with Berg Adventures International – Trip Description

As the tallest peak in the Canadian Rockies, Mount Robson, which stands at an impressive 12,944ft/3,945m, has long been a mountaineering objective for Canadian and International climbers. It is a mountain so big that it creates its own weather patterns and microclimates not seen in other parts of the Canadian Rockies. This big climb, unquestionably one of the classic mountaineering routes in North America, attracts accomplished climbers from around the world.

Mt. Robson

The Kain Face was first climbed by Conrad Kain in 1913. The route is considered to be one of the supreme mountaineering achievements of its time. The ascent reportedly required that Kain chop 6000 steps in the alpine ice of the mountain face that would later bear his name. Equipment and technique had changed when Fred Becky made an ascent of the route in 1965. Becky and his party had crampons. A few years later young Colorado climbers Bill Roos and Paul Sibley climbed the route with their new curved pick ice axes. Bill and Paul recall that at the time they were considered to be young punks who "cheated" with their new-fangled equipment.

Today the Kain Face remains a challenging test for alpinists even using modern equipment and technique. If you want to try your skills, perseverance and luck on a serious mountain with challenging terrain and highly variable weather conditions, this will be an incredibly rewarding climb. Our Robson Expeditions are planned around using helicopter transport to and from the “Dome” at 9,843ft/3,000m base camp which improves our chances of success.

Summit Ridge of Mt. Robson

Robson is a climber's peak. This is not a climb for beginners. You must be prepared for a challenging climb that will test your mental and physical stamina. Nowhere on the "Monarch of the Canadian Rockies" as Robson is called, is there an easy route. Our ascents of Robson attempt the Kain Face, a classic Grade IV alpine ice climb with slope angles up to 55 Degrees.

Expedition Strategy

Our itinerary will remain flexible to give us the best chance to reach the summit. We will move fast and decisively when the weather is good. We will be prepared to hang out if weather is bad. Robson is a mountain that demands patience, good judgment and an aggressive, confident attitude when the time is right.


We highly recommend that you have intermediate glacier travel skills, competent alpine ice climbing techniques on slopes to 45-55 degrees and experience climbing on mixed terrain with heavy packs. You will need to be in excellent physical condition.