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Kilimanjaro Expedition Dispatch

September 10, 2008 – Viewing the Daily Lives of the Bushmen

Today was an interesting cultural day. In the morning we went to visit a local tribal blacksmith and watched him make some points for spears and arrows and a bracelet over an open fire. We also observed their daily life a little bit around that area.

We then drove past a large farm where they were cooperatively growing onions and watched them do some harvesting. After our visit we went to a nice lodge with a beautiful view where we will spend the rest of the night. Bye for now, Ginny.

The Bushmen

The Bushmen, also known as the Hadza, are an enthic group in central Tanzania that live around Lake Eyasi. Hadza are hunters and gathers and live primitively like they have for thousands of years. Even though they live in seclusion, away from modern civilization, they often welcome visitors into their settlements so the can see their ways of life.