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Title image - BAI takes you to: Tanzania Wildlife Safari

Tanzanian Wildlife Safari with Berg Adventures – Luxury Safari Lodges

Migration Camp Lodge — Serengeti

The breezes of wild Serengeti surround you in this exclusive tented camp that has long been a favorite of Berg Adventures safari adventurers. Set among rocky outcrops in Northern Serengeti, the Serengeti Migration Camp is a perfect combination of luxury accommodation, discreet personalized service and wild surroundings. The sounds around your tent at night will thrill you and the vistas from your veranda during the day will inspire you.

The location of Serengeti Migration camp is ideal for your explorations with your BAI safari guide. But our guests always give the highest marks for time spent at the tented camp itself. Conversation with the Camp Manager and staff around the warm fire in the evening, gourmet meals and the starry African sky overhead are memories that stay with our guests long after they depart Tanzania.Migration Camp Overview


Lodge in Migration Camp Lodge


Bedroom and Batchroom in Migration Camp Lodge


Restaurant in Migration Camp Lodge