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Title image - BAI takes you to: Everest Basecamp
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Leo Power Everest Marathon Dispatch

May 29, 2011 – Marathon Success!

I completed the Everest Marathon in 8 hours 23 min and 29 sec. Official results are posted at To say it was a tough marathon would be an understatement! Many things went through my mind today including thoughts of my sister Valerie who was the first in our family to run a marathon, at the age of 40. At the time Valerie was working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and her complete training program consisted of running indoors on a treadmill and then she returned to Canada and ran a marathon in Victoria – she inspired me then and continues to do so today. I love you Valerie. I am exhausted but so happy to have completed the marathon. A big thank you to Jheta Rai, an excellent cook who achieved an incredible time of 4 hours 30 min in the Everest Marathon two years ago. Today Jheta (race bib #66) ran/fast trekked with me the entire 42 km from Everest Base Camp to Namche, was wonderful company and helped ensure I did not fall off the mountain! Thank you Jheta my friend – I shall never forget you.

I’d like to thank Berg Adventures and Wally, Leila, Sara and Wally’s team in Nepal including:

  • Ang Nuru Shurpa (sirdar/guide)
  • Min Bhadur (guide)
  • Jheta Rai (Cook/Marathoner)
  • Kancha Rai (Kictchen Helper)
  • Kamal Rai (Kitchen Helper)
  • Saila Rai (porter)
  • Dines Rai (porter)

And Wally’s team in Kathmandu including:

  • Arjun (city guide)
  • Rupa Dhungana (local manager)

I’m now having dinner with Wally Berg at the Panorama Lodge in Namche and shortly I shall be asleep.

Thank you to all my family and friends who have been so supportive and encouraging in my various endeavours – it has meant a great deal to me – more than you know.

To my daughter Krizia and her special cousins Cindy, Jarvis, Sam, Sarah, Jacob, Olivia, Quaid and Reegan- dream big, work hard, always strive to learn more about our beautiful planet Earth, seek adventure and positive experiences at every stage of your lives, live life with an open and inquisitive mind, have fun, laugh often, show emotion, eat good food, exercise, sing (even if you can't), listen to music, learn to play a musical instrument, appreciate art in all its forms, avoid negativity, be kind to others and respect all cultures, religions and ethnicities and most importantly, respect your elders and as Gandhi said "Live as if you'll die tomorrow, study as if you'll live forever."


– Leo Power