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Title image - BAI takes you to: Ecuador

Ecuador Volcanoes Expedition Dispatches

Climb Ecuador's Volcanoes: November 7 – 22, 2009

Berg Adventures 2009 Ecuador team will land in Quito and prepare to climb the glaciers of the highest volcanoes in the Central Andes.

Starting off with Ecuador’s third highest summit, Cayambe 5,790m/18,900ft. They will review basic mountaineering skills and have their first acclimatization climb.

Second is Cotopaxi, 5,900m/19,350ft. The symmetry of this beautiful glaciated volcano is world famous and it is the second highest in Ecuador.

Last but not least is the summit of Chimborazo, 6310m/20,701ft. It is the farthest point from the Earth`s centre due to the equatorial bulge (or diameter at the equator) 2.1 km farther than the summit of Everest!

Follow this team daily as they report from this South American volcanic land!


  • Kenneth Jones
  • Janice Tompkins
  • Peter McTieman
  • Dave Cohn


  • Osvaldo Yupanqui
  • Juancho Miranda
  • Cosme Leon


  • Leila Silivera

Latest News and Daily Dispatches:

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