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Title image - BAI takes you to: Bolivia

Bolivia Climber Comments

“The best trip of my life. Berg Adventures handled absolutely everything. The guides and staff are the BEST. I cannot say enough about their understanding, compassion and patience at all times - assisting your dreams of a summit come true. However, it is the whole experience from start to finish. NO OTHER COMPANY does it better.”

– Margaret S., Australia

“We just arrived in Copacabana and we are running around checking out each other's rooms. I have the cactus room. We are in HEAVEN !!!

Tomorrow night I will be having a bubble bath watching the sunset with a glass of champagne.

I'm sooooo glad I came on this trip. So is Ted. We're having such a good time. The guys are all great and funny.


I just wanted to say a very BIG THANK YOU !!! Another magical adventure with amazing people - 'Berg Style'. Lots of laughs and great friendships formed.

We all had the best time EVER and we are just about to meet everyone for dinner in the Penthouse restaurant for an Argentine MEAT barbecue. You know how they love meat.

I then fly out tomorrow BUT... I am leaving my big boots behind because I have told Osvaldo I will be back to join them in Ecuador. Ha ha ha will I never learn.

Once again THANKS.”

– Marg & Ted, Kingscliff, NSW

“First I want to say thank you so much for allowing me to join in in this amazing adventure. This has been the best time I have had of all my adventures with Berg Adventures

I feel amazing and had the time of my life. I can say Osvaldo has a fantastic team and Maria cooked the best food I have ever had.

And wow reflecting back on Condoriri basecamp wow! That was an amazing place. Fresh trout from the lake, clean water, stunning views and lots of room for other summiteers to pitch tents. I am not sure if this base camp can be beat?

Thank you for always being there to support my journey and my cause too, this means so much to me! Every bit of help I can get helps change someone somewhere whether we know it or not. Again, many thanks!”

– Trevor, Lethbridge, AB

“Leila, acabamos de chegar e não resisti pra te mandar esse email: que lugar maravilhoso, que hotel bacana!!! Padrão Berg Adventures!! Thank you!!!!

Bjo, Hugo

Ps: o grupo é perfeito

(Leila, just arrived and I could not resist to send you this e-mail. What a wonderful place and nice hotel!!! Standard Berg Adventures!! Thank you!!!


Ps: The group is perfect)”

– Hugo P. Belo Horizonte, BRA

“I wanted to thank you for the excellent blog and a trip that I will remember forever and think about every day for a very long time. I don’t know what it is about the mountains that makes the experience in them so meaningful. I also wanted to say that there’s nothing like climbing with an expert. Nothing bothered Osvaldo. He just went about the business of climbing with calm assurance. That’s a level of experience I can only dream about. I’ll never know how he found that route up and down. Add the cultural experience to everything I’ve said, and it really was a trip of a lifetime.”

– Dave C, California

“First I would like to thank you for helping us arrange a great itinerary for Bolivia. Even though we had to change our plans around due to unforeseen circumstances I really enjoyed my stay in Bolivia and climbing with Osvaldo. He did a great job adapting as needed and helped us make the most of our time in the country.”

– Martin D, California

“Osvaldo, I want to thank you for taking such good care of us on our Bolivian climbing trip. I think you did a great job. I would enjoy climbing with you again sometime. I thought you were a great guide and I enjoyed your attempts to teach me how to speak Spanish!”

– Joe C, Colorado

“This trip has been a life-enhancing experiences for me. I have found inner strength and guts I didn’t know existed. The epiphanies go on and on. I’ve seen and met the kindest, most hard working people in a country full of vibrant color and heavenly beauty. Truly, I am not returning to my life back home the same girl.

I love you all and will definitely be back!”

– Samantha P., Thunder Bay, Ontario

"Wow! It was fun. I had a great time. The scenery was great. Lake Titicaca is awesome. The Condoriri is incredible. We saw the most beautiful sunrise in the southern hemisphere. It really didn’t matter how high we got, what was important is that we had a great time, climbed well as a team, challenged ourselves in mind and body and came back safely. David Scott was very supportive, showed me how I was secure, really helped me a ton! Juan Carlos is awesome, absolutely one of the nicest people I have ever met. Leo was a great cook and we enjoyed Bolivian cuisine as well as typical US cuisine. It was a great experience, and we even got to the top!"

– Karen K., Seattle

“The drive to the Sajama desert, which is about 5 hours from La Paz, is fantastic! You can see Mt. Sajama from over 160km away. Everyone made it to the summit and looked rather good for a group that just climbed 3000 vertical feet to 21,500 feet. Great companionship, led by a terrific leader and complemented by fantastic support.”

– Michael B., Vancouver