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Title image - BAI takes you to:  Mount Ararat & the Wonders of Turkey
Why climb with Berg Adventures

Suggested Reading List for Climbing Mount Ararat and Exploring Turkey

Turkey is a country rich with history and culture and we will visit some of the most famous historic sites on our journey. Having some background knowledge about the country will surely enhance your experience. Enjoy!

Some of these books are available in Kindle versions. Electronic readers can be ideal way to carry travel books as they save weight and space.

Turkey: What Everyone Needs to Know

By Andrew Finke

BAI comment: The best book that we have found for updating yourself on Turkey history and current affairs.


Ancient Turkey: A Traveller’s History

By Seton Lloydr

BAI comment: An accessible read following the archaeology of Ancient Turkey. Written as a travelogue, it takes the reader to the beginning of human civilizations through to the journeys of Saint Paul.



By Susanne Oberheu and Michael Wadenpohl

BAI comment: A complete guidebook dedicated to Turkey’s beautiful and mystifying Cappadocia region.


Constantinople: City of the World’s Desire 1453-1924

By Philip Mansel

BAI comment: From the days of Mehmed the Conqueror to the end of the Ottoman rule in 1924, this book covers nearly five centuries of history in one of the world’s most captivating and dynamic cities, what we know today as Istanbul.


DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Istanbul

By Rose Baring

BAI comment: This is a great guide book for any traveler to Istanbul.


Lonely Planet Turkey, 12th Edition

By James Bainbridge

BAI comment: When it comes to guidebooks for Turkey, this one can’t be beat. A comprehensive guide with tips for travel, places to see, good restaurants, a brief history and cultural information.


Top 10 Istanbul

By Dk Eyewitness Travel

BAI comment: Another great guide book for travelers to Istanbul and broken down into fun and useful top ten lists including “Top Ten Turkish Restaurants” and “Top Ten Museums” and “Top Ten Best Bazaars”.


Travel Adventures: Ankara, Cappadocia & Central Turkey (e-book only)

By Samantha Lafferty

BAI comment: This e-book includes lots of great information about the Cappadocia region and you can conveniently carry it around on your e-reader as you travel through the area.


Turkey – Bright Sun, Strong Tea

By Tom Brosnahan

BAI comment: A memoir by travel writing veteran Tom Brosnahan beginning with his time in the Turkey with the Peace Corps in the late 1960s and following his return visits to the country over the years. He revisits his many adventures in Turkey with humor and wit and doesn’t fail to provide much useful information about the country too.