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Title image - BAI takes you to: Mt.Elbrus
Why climb with Berg Adventures

Mt. Elbrus Climber Comments

“I have gone on a number of Berg Adventures trips. They have all been excellent and this one was no exception. All of the trips have been great; Elbrus may have been the best. Planning on another trip with Berg next year.”

– Don M. Utah

“I had climbed both Kilimanjaro and to Everest Base Camp with local companies that were great and cheap - HOWEVER, climbing with BERG ADVENTURES was an experience of a lifetime. There is absolutely no comparison. If you want to climb with the BEST go with BERG. I was blown out of the water with their utmost professional attitude and attention to detail - from the most luxurious accommodation and food to the skills and experience of the guides. The overnight train from St Petersburg to Moscow was an unexpected highlight and the amazing group of people that I got to meet and share this climb with was amazing, life changing! I will be definitely climbing my next mountain and the next with Berg Adventures.”

– Margaret S. Kingscliff, Australia

“The experience was just amazing, something that I will never forget. What impressed me the most was how Wally cared for the local guides and people, with a deep appreciation and respect for their culture and history that spread to all of us and made us much more than just another commercial expedition seeking a summit. The highlights were chatting with the locals, listening to the two Vlads' stories of past climbs and the personal experiences. The guides were extremely professional and still very friendly and approachable on the mountain. Observing Wally in action and learning from his advice was priceless. Our guides worked extremely well together and the team dynamic was great. They always had the patience to explain and demonstrate how to behave in the alpine environment so that our chances of summiting were maximized - in other words, protecting us from ourselves!”

– Rafael E. Toronto

“The trip was excellent: good food, great culture, great logistics, and a great mountain! I was very confident in the skills and expertise of all our guides and I would definitely recommend Berg Adventures to others.”

– Paule C.

“Both Vladimir and Karina (BAI Elbrus guides) were real professionals the entire trip. They really gave us the gift of Elbrus and we will always be thankful. While Scott and I never would have considered not making a summit attempt, we did really have a gut check at the saddle (which I hear is common), as we were physically spent. But Vladimir kept us going when he said 'I promised you I would do everything I could to help you get to the top, but I did not promise that it would be easy.'

All in all it was a successful trip due to the climb and the slice of the Russian culture we were able to experience and learn about. Everyone at Berg Adventures did a great job arranging everything for us and we will always carry with us many fond memories.”

– Jack H., Amarillo, Texas

“Your total trip experience gives one a chance to really see Russia and still have a great climbing experience. The three days in St. Petersburg, plus the midnight train to Moscow and the day or so there adds so much value to the trip. I have become so intrigued with St. Petersburg that my wife and I plan to take a trip just to visit that city.

In addition to that wonderful prelude, the time spent in the Caucasus Mountains was incredible. I have other friends who have gone to the Elbrus area and their experience was poor, primarily because of where they stayed and the lack of diversity in the day climbs to allow for acclimatization in preparation for the Elbrus climb. Our lodge was such an unexpected treat, and our day-climbs were great. Your trip is truly one of a kind, and I wanted you to know how I felt. Looking forward to our next adventure.”

– W. Vaughan

“Wow, what a fantastic time I had in Russia! Once again your spirit for adventure, attention to detail, and appreciation for the variety of cultures have combined into a program so excellent that none other could compare. I truly hope I have the opportunity to participate in a Berg Adventures trip again soon.”

– Dave P.

“This trip exceeded my expectations. These trips have a cleansing effect on my state of mind. They offer a healthy challenge which leaves me with a sense of accomplishment and bunch of good stories. I return home refreshed and ready to jump back into the rat race with renewed vigour. You and Kellie did an exceptional job guiding our trip. Your patience and attention to our well-being and safety is greatly appreciated. Additionally, you guys are just fun to be around.”

  Richard C.

“Thank you for a wonderful experience. We could never have made the summit without your assistance, encouragement and skill. Looking forward to the next climb.”

  Julie and Alex

“Just a note of thanks for your superb planning, leadership and guiding this summer at Mt. Elbrus. Touring St. Petersburg, Moscow and the Caucasus Mountains (and the accommodations) were icing on the cake. Looking forward to our next Berg Adventure.”

– Jack M.

BAI was hustlin’ and bustlin’ from Day One until the finish. Our guides throughout Russia were great.”

– Hynek D.