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Title image - BAI takes you to: Mt.Elbrus
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Elbrus Expedition Dispatch

Berg Adventures Mt. Elbrus Expedition July 18 - August 3, 2008

Berg Adventures team climb Mt. Elrus

We have been blessed by a cartographer's decision in the 1890's that deemed the Caucasus Mountains the north/south dividing line between Europe and Asia. Elbrus, a lovely 18,513' glaciated twin summit, lies just north of the Caucasus mountain divide and is therefore in Europe.

We will explore two different sides of modern Russia. We will do some great mountaineering, and attempt to stand on the top of a great 5600 meter (18,513 feet) mountain, just inland from the Black Sea. Stay tuned and join us on this fantastic adventure!


  • David Madole
  • Chad Brennand
  • Stephen Lombardi
  • Paul Lambe
  • Lloyd Charton
  • Alex Hughes
  • John Hughes
  • Richard Scott
  • Klaus Hofer
  • Marlene Hofer
  • Martina Hofer
  • Carroll Mai
  • Joan Gaar
  • Michael Gaar


  • Wally Berg
  • Karina Mezova
  • Vladimir Bakhmutov

Support Staff

  • Leila Silvera

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