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Training for Travel with Personal Trainer Terri Truman

Rest and Recovery

How often do we take the time to recover sufficiently between training sessions to replenish our energy stores and allow our bodies to adapt to the training? During training, there are certain tissues that are broken down due to the mechanical action of the exercise stress. The training effect occurs when these tissues adapt to a higher level of strength or efficiency than before and the effect only occurs when the body is rested for a period of time afterward.

On average, the rest and recovery time is 24 to 36 hours for cardiovascular activities but can vary between individuals and depends on the following factors:

  • What is your level of fitness – are you trained or untrained
  • What type of overload you are putting on your body
  • How intense is the overload
  • How often do you apply the overload (how many times per week do you work out)

When we do muscular strength workouts, rest the muscle groups that you worked for 48 to 72 hours. That means don’t train specific areas, like your chest, each time you work out. Perhaps create a routine that works upper body one day and lower body the next. You can also try to reduce and alternate the intensity so do a hard workout followed by an easier day. Throw in cardio and mix it up. For muscular endurance workouts, rest the muscle groups worked for 24 to 72 hours. As with rest and recovery times for cardiovascular activities, rest time will depend upon each individual. Some people will take longer to recover and others will be able to work out the next day. Listen to your body…

Hanging out with friends after a strenuous climb is a great way to rest!

Hanging out with friends after a strenuous climb is a great way to rest!

The trick is to load your muscles then allow them to recover. When we don’t get enough rest or do not build in enough recovery between workout sessions, it can lead to chronic fatigue and/or injuries. No one wants to be side-lined with an injury.

Until next time, get outside and have fun!