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Training for Travel with Personal Trainer Terri Truman

Periodization Training

So many people I train come to the gym with BIG ambitions: lose 50 pounds, run a marathon, bench press or squat huge weights… the list goes on. These are all GREAT goals if you have a SOLID plan to get there. Goals without a plan are just wishes that quickly turn into disappointment and frustration.

Follow Terri in the New Year as she trains for her next great Berg Adventure!

Follow Terri in the New Year as she trains for

her next great Berg Adventure!

It can be daunting to plan for long-term goals. Fortunately, there’s a way to avoid this: it’s called periodized training. Periodized training is all about taking long-term fitness or athletic goals and breaking it down into smaller, measureable sub-goals. It’s a straight-forward concept: if you break down the training into smaller targeted chunks, concentrating on specific aspects of the activity at prescribed intervals, then your final goals become VERY realistic.

Structured periodized training has a number of IMPORTANT benefits:

  • It provides variety and balance
  • It’s more challenging to our minds and bodies
  • It builds confidence as intermediate goals are achieved
  • It keeps your workouts fresh and interesting by providing variety

As with everything, there are caveats to this training technique.

  • This is NOT for amateurs! Everyone is unique, and programs SHOULD be tailored based on many factors like age, sex, current physical condition and limitations, and others.
  • Programs MUST BE SPECIFIC TAILORED TO THE GOAL. Want to run a marathon? Well doubling your bench press MAY not be the thing that helps get you there!
  • Training must be BALANCED: too much exercise and not enough recovery can have the opposite effect and may actually decrease your performance.

In 2015 we’ll embark on another adventure with Berg Adventures so I’m putting together my own periodized training schedule. Over the next several months, I’ll share that training plan with you; post our progress and how it’s helping us prepare for the mountains.

Have a great Christmas Season and All the Best for 2015.

In fitness and friendship,