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Title image - BAI takes you to: Ojos del Salado

Ojos del Salado Expedition Dispatch

February 26, 2015 – A Great Effort on a Very Windy Day

The Team has Returned to Copiapo. Feb 26th, with 90 kilometer per hour winds, was not a good summit day! They did great however, as the two messages that we received by sat phone indicate. We are very proud of Micheline, Johanna and Heiko , as well as Osvaldo, Maria and Sergio. Great effort reaching 6700 meters, team. Enjoy Copiapo! You deserve the showers and the relaxation.

Dispatch call from Osvaldo:

Hello, this is Osvaldo calling from the Base Camp of Ojos del Saladao.

So today was a very tough day for everybody. We had very strong winds near to the top.

We could not reach the top but we did make it to 6,700 m. We had very high winds up to 90KM. It was too much for us and we decided to get down. We are just resting here. We will call you back.

Later today:

Hello this is Heiko Winer and i am calling in from the expedition for Ojos del Salado. We left for the summit around 1 am.

It was actually very windy. We actually heard prior that we had to move today because the weather was going to get worse. It was actually very cold.

Never the less we all gave it a good effort. Nobody actually made it to the summit.

I actually did climb to 6,643m.

All in all it was not so bad it was just a hard summit day. Mostly because of the weather. It was very cold and very windy near the summit today.