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Title image - BAI takes you to: Everest Basecamp
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Everest Base Camp Trek Dispatch

April 11, 2008 – Summit of Kala Patar - Views of Everest

We were awakened at sunrise “one hour early” and trekked to Gorak Shep, the final camp at 17,000 feet before Everest Base Camp. We had a quick 10 minute lunch of noodle soup and then set off for the 18,600 foot summit of Kala Patar. The reason for the early wake up and rushed lunch was to try and beat the daily cloud cover that envelops Everest's peak in the afternoon. Kala Patar's summit allows for one of the best views of Everest in the entire Khumbu.

Our view of Everest from Kala PatarAng Temba and Min led us up the slopes with focus and determination like it was their job. We reached the summit and took some awesome photos literally 5 minutes before clouds completely obscured Everest. The prayer flags at the Kala summit were whipping in the wind and the temperature plummeted, along the trail we witnessed an avalanche just above Everest Base Camp.

We all feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment and full on exhaustion. The level of physical and emotional drain we are experiencing is reminiscent of the 14 hour summit day on Kilimanjaro in 2004. We will set off for base camp tomorrow through the Khumbu glacier.

Interesting observation: for the first time in our lives we find ourselves hundreds of miles away from any motorized vehicles. The only quick way out the Khumbu is via helicopter.

Yeti Watch 2008:

We are too tired to do one!