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Title image - BAI takes you to: Silk Road

Silk Road Trekking Dispatch

August 8, 2009 – Our Last Hiking Day

I am calling you at 4:00pm from the Fann Mountains as I am walking down the last steps into a Tajik River Village called, Zimtut.

The high hills of the Fann Mountains are above me and I am watching the group walking down into the lush valley below.

Today, like yesterday, was another long trekking day. Yesterday we climbed over a 3,700m (12,139ft) pass and today we climbed over a 2,700m (8,858ft) pass. Our morning began earlier than usually today because we knew we had long way to go. Our morning routine always revolved around Mike’s drip Starbucks coffee that he made for us fresh every day. They brought hot water from the kitchen and Mike would pure the fresh coffee grounds through a paper funnel.

Today we were hiking before 8am. We climbed gradually for almost four hours until we reached the top of the pass. When we began to descend, we were joined by some lovely Tajik women and children who were off to do their daily chores but were very intrigued by us and our gear and followed us part of the way.

In the early afternoon we walked into the village of Guitan where we were welcomed into a local Tajik home. The walls kept us cool from the heat of the sun outside.

Now that lunch is over and we are descending the last of our trek. I have to report that this trip was extremely successful for IP Trek. It was challenging, everyone has worked their muscles, and their memories will last a lifetime. Our adventure is not over yet. We will have one more night staying in Tajikistan, and then those bright Mosaic domes back in Samarkand will beckon us as we head there tomorrow.

Stay tuned and I will report about more of our adventures.