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Title image - BAI takes you to: Silk Road

Suggested Reading List for Silk Road Trip

Much of the geography and history of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan may be vaguely familiar from school, but you will find they come alive when you know that you will be going there!

Some of these books are available in Kindle versions. Electronic readers can be ideal way to carry travel books as they save weight and space.

Uzbekistan – The Golden Road to Samarkand

by Calum Macleod, Bradley Mayhew

BAI comment: The best background reading in one book for the cities, cultures, history and art that we encounter on our Silk Road trips.


Tajikistan and the High Pamirs

by Robert Middleton and Huw Thomas

BAI comment: Not much about the Fann Mountains, but surprisingly in depth Silk Road history including detailed stories about Marco Polo, “The Great Game”, and many little know explorations through the centuries


Lonely Planet Central Asia

by Bradley Mayhew, Michael Kohn


Silk Road – Monks, Warriors & Merchants on the Silk Road

by Luce Boulnois, translated by Helen Loveday


The Great Game – The Struggle for Empire in Central Asia

by Peter Hopkirk

BAI comment: Classic lengthy account of a century of intrigue and adventure between Great Britain and Russia. The chapter on the misfortunes of Alexander “Bukhara” Barnes will add color to your visit to the region.


Setting the East Ablaze: Lenin’s Dream of an Empire in Asia

by Peter Hopkirk

BAI comment: In the 20th Century the cities we visit in Uzbekistan were once again at a crossroads of world history


The Lost Heart of Asia

by Colin Thurbron


Shadow of the Silk Road

by Colin Thurbron


The Silk Road – Two Thousand years in the Heart of Asia

by Frances Wood


The Silk Road – Art and History

by Jonathan Tucker


Gizi Map: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan...

by GiziMap (Firm)

BAI comment: An excellent geographical overview of the regions we will visit


Fann Mountains Map and Guide

publisher EWP

BAI comment: Not a very good map, difficult to read. If you can find one, it might be worth having; we will have a copy along on our trek.