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Title image - BAI takes you to: Ojos del Salado and Aconcagua

Climb Aconcagua & Ojos del Salado with Berg Adventures – Trip Description

The Two Highest Peaks in the Western Hemisphere in One Great Trip!

The highest peak in the world outside of Central Asia, Argentina’s Mount Aconcagua has become an increasingly popular goal for Seven Summits climbers who are seeking to expand their experience at altitude. This mountain can be a rigorous introduction to the demands of expedition climbing to nearly 7000 meters.

Aconcagua from the approachBerg Adventures offers a better option

By combining ascents of South America’s two highest summits in one rewarding adventure we greatly increase your chances of reaching the top of Aconcagua. We also provide a travel and climbing adventure that is unmatched by any other program you will find to reach the top of the Americas. Your acclimatization and your first ascent to 6,900 meters will take place in the relative isolation of Chile’s splendid Atacama Region.

Starting from Bahia Inglesa, on the coast of Chile, we will travel overland in four-wheel-drive vehicles to the remote and beautiful Ojos del Salado, the second highest peak in the Americas. This seldom-visited mountain offers a wonderful area in which to acclimatize. The climb is a unique and rewarding objective for any mountaineer. Land Cruiser with Ojos del Salado in the backgroundWe will take our time on Ojos del Salado, enjoying the remoteness of this wild corner of northern Chile. Our success on this remarkable high point will be a major accomplishment on its own right and the opportunity for a few refreshing soaks in the local hot springs at Laguna Verde will be a just high altitude reward.

We will then travel to Mendoza, Argentina, and prepare for an ascent of Aconcagua via the Northwest Ridge, or the  “Normal Route.” Since we will already be acclimatized, we will be able to move quickly through the camps on this classic route, which gives us the best chance of reaching the highest point in South America.


Using the normal route on Aconcagua allows us to offer the services of porters between the camps in order to help individual climbers with load carrying. This optional service is available at an additional cost for those interested; contact us for details. If you decide to use porters, remember that overall conditioning, as well as training while moving uphill with some weight on you back, will still be essential for your success on these demanding expedition peaks. Porters for our group gear are included in the base cost of the program.


To climb Aconcagua and Ojos del Salado you need to be in excellent physical condition. If you have not been to altitude before, know that 22,841 feet is very high and you will need to carefully monitor your body’s ability to acclimatize. This will require patience and good judgment. Your guides will help you make good decisions. Weather is always a factor on ascents of Aconcagua and Ojos del Salado, as it is on any big mountain. These are classic expedition style peak ascents. Regardless of whether you use porters or not, the stages between camps are long and demanding. During the expedition you will gain valuable experience about dressing properly and dealing with strenuous situations.Hiking around Laguna Verde

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Updates from your adventure will be posted on and on Berg Adventures Facebook page. If you would like to have a specific dispatch posted for your expedition, please contact our office for details. We will be happy to accommodate your requests. Our dispatches have been used by family and friends to follow the progress of our groups and by schools to learn about the wild places we visit. They can be a wonderful lasting archive of your adventure.

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