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Title image - BAI takes you to: Silk Road

Silk Road Trekking Dispatch

August 7, 2009 – Crossing the Twin Laudan Passes to Hot Showers!

At our high alpine camp where we spent Thursday night, we woke up Friday morning to the beautiful blue sky.

In our large circular dinning tent where we usually have our table set, the staff said to us that they wanted to eat Uzbek style this evening. We invited all of our Uzbek staff into the tent. We sat on the floor, passed food around and enjoyed the fellowship of a beautiful setting high in the Fann Mountains.

Many of our staff are moving on from here ahead of us, so we said farewell to those who will not continue through the mountains with us.

Today turned out to be our longest hiking day for distance. The Laudan Pass is considered to be two passes. You cross one pass then look across to a second slightly higher pass. The sky stayed blue as we crossed the Laudan Passes, then we descended back towards Kulikalon Lake where we had stayed on our first night.

Just past there we reached a welcome sight, the cabins of Artuch, the alpine base camp where spent our first night Tajikistan. Yes, there are still hot showers at Artuch. I talked to Paul and some of the guys who got in early and they found time for a beer before their hot shower!

The evening was enjoyed by the members of our team and the remainder of our staff in our indoor dining room. We felt relaxed and clean after our longest day.

Tomorrow we have another long day and high pass to cross. We will report to you Saturday.