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Kilimanjaro Expedition Dispatches

March 24, 2008 – Serengeti Sunsets and King of the Jungle

Wild life

Jambo, this is Laura from the Serengeti, we just arrived here today. We have had some phenomenal days. The Ngorongoro Crater, which we had an unbelievably beautiful sunset, we saw cubs, tons of zebra and wildebeests.

Now in the Serengeti, it is a total different terrain. Very flat you can see Lion cubsfor miles and miles and rock piles in the middle where we have seen lions. Just amazing and having the time of my life. Kwa heri(good bye).

Jambo this is Jane, this is just the most beautiful place. The Safari has just been sensational. Like Laura said, we had an incredible Ngorongoro sunset last night. I enjoyed it with an Ngorongoro sunset drink, Bob was having a Kilimanjaro beer and Laura was enjoying a nice glass of red wine. We really are celebrating and enjoying the beautiful scenery with the elephants, lions, cheetahs and wildebeests. Everything has been great, we really are enjoying our stay.

Hey this is Bob, it has been an amazing couple of days. Seeing the amazing Ngorongoro Crater and like Jane and Laura said the sunset is one to remember for a long time. Just a little awe-stricken today with the amount of wildlife we have seen. Millions of animals and they are all amazing. It is very dangerous out there! We saw the king of the jungle a couple of times today and some great views of cheetahs. David's the best, he knows were all of the secret viewing spots are.cheetahs

Lion on rock