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Title image - BAI takes you to:  Kilimanjaro
Why climb with Berg Adventures

Kilimanjaro Climber Comments

“Tudo perfeito, como sempre! A escalada foi ótima, a equipe da BAI aqui é fantástica! Que espírito desse pessoal. Muito obrigado por tudo!!”

– Hugo Picchioni, Belo Hotizonte, Brazil

“BAI Kili and Safari ended up being a true "Trip of a Lifetime". The climb and all of the assistant guides were fabulous; climbing with Wally was an added treat! We were the most spoiled trekkers on the mountain! Every last porter and camp personnel were top notch. Eric runs a tight ship! After much thought as to how the trip could have been improved I am unable to think of any aspect that I would change!”

– Greg P., Bedford, PA

“This was an outstanding adventure! I went with another company to Peru trekking and that trip was nothing like this experience. The mountaineer experience that Wally and the other guides had was tremendous to ensure that our whole group made it to the top of Kili safely and while having fun. The fun that our whole team had was evidenced by the singing and dancing that greeted us at each and every new camp! Thanks for a wonderful time!”

– Barry S., Newmarket, Ontario

“Berg Adventures doesn’t just talk about service, hospitality and pride. Berg delivers exactly that. To everyone at that fine organization both at home and abroad, thank you for all that you have done for us at the The Keg.”

– David Aisenstat, Vancouver

“Overall I am a huge fan of Berg Adventures and of the trip itself. Looking around at what others are doing on the mountain and comparing that to what Berg is doing, I am confident that your trip is in a class all to itself. First class all the way. The guide Brian was AMAZING. I cannot speak highly enough about this guy. I was also a HUGE FAN of January, the porter. This guy is going to be an incredible guide someday!”

– Jason F. Phoenix, AZ

“Your company came highly recommended to us by my former colleague and we are very grateful that we went with BAI for our climb. Right from the beginning, the BAI team was amazing. The guides (Emmanuel, Erick and Brian) met us pre climb and took us on a tour of Arusha and indulged my husband with visiting his old school grounds along with other city sites that he recalled. On the first day of the climb, we met our crew of 50 odd porters/waiters/ cooks/tent helpers etc. They were all so friendly and made it clear that they were there for our care and comfort. I couldn’t say nicer things about our toilet engineer. I had heard so many awful things about the “public facilities” on Kilimanjaro and was dreading that part- what a treat to have our own personal toilet! I really can’t thank the team enough- we were all so well looked after. Spoilt is the word that comes to mind. Every time we started the day or reached the lunch area or evening camp, we were serenaded with African songs and great enthusiasm led by the very talented choir singer Kimaro who also doubled up as porter and personal porter for helping us with the extra back packs. The singing was very uplifting and we would get caught up in the singing and dancing and forget the hardship of the climb. We saw many hikers from other teams looking at us somewhat enviously!

The food was great- our cook catered to our needs and the waiters Erick and Noel were super. We even had table cloths and flowers on our tables! On the days when some of us were struggling with eating due to the altitude, Noel and Erick tried to incite us to us to eat extra special carbs and gave us snacks etc. to keep us going. The early morning hot drinks were a welcome site courtesy of Erick and Noel as were the hot water basins to get us cleaned up. The tent helpers, especially Jacob, Cornel and January, were awesome. Cornel, in his very gentle ways, had to help our girls (who are not morning people) out of their tents on a daily basis and get them up and packed on time– couldn’t have done without his help. Wish he was with us now so we could continue to keep being that efficient in the mornings!! January also had to cajole the girls to keep them organized in the mornings and he was always so positive and happy and helpful.

All the guides were great. A very, very special thank you has to go out to Brian without whom the climb would not have been so wonderful. He is by far one of the nicest people I have ever met. He was gentle and charming in his approach and very encouraging- especially to the 2 girls and myself on the days when the climbs were a bit tougher. He made the Barranco wall so much fun- I, for one, was quite worried about it, but his guidance with telling me exactly where to put my hands and feet was much appreciated. I loved the wall!!

What can I say about making it to the summit- great time for reflecting on life and getting strength from the universe to face any adversities. We all felt so accomplished. There really isn’t any mountain that you can’t climb if you set out your heart to do it- especially with the right tools and people to help you out. Our family has decided that we would never go with anyone but BAI for our climbing adventures.

Bravo BAI team- you rocked our world!”

– Salma M. Alberta, Canada

“I really enjoyed Berg's approach to climbing Kili on Lemosho route. Daytime summit, camping overnight in crater were very special to us as we had top of mountain to ourselves. Guides, porters and camp staff treated us very special. Singing in morning and at night, and celebration at end of hike were priceless and will be remembered always. Safari was wonderful and our guide knowledgeable and friendly.”

– Bruce Sloychuk, Lagos, Nigeria

“This trip began as a personal journey. I was offered the possibility to turn the trip into a project for an organization that I support-ABRALE-The Brazilian Association of Leukemia and Lymphoma. This endeavor was immediately accepted not only by the office but by all members of the group-guides, porters and even the fellow expeditioners. The Berg Organization made all that possible. The dispatches worked beautifully and the webpage has been seen by dozens of people that cheered with our progress. And they are still enchanted by the adventure of my life! Not only to say about the direct care with my family members in Brazil that worried about my well-being in the mountain. I felt like my whole family was travelling with me and cheering for me to reach the summit.

I am very happy that Berg made this all possible with professionalism, personal care and the best organized team I have ever worked with. Certainly the Dream Team of any adventurer! If at any time I would consider a similar trip, I would look no further!”

– Daniel Tabak, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“I’ve been back about a week and had time to process the climb and safari. I just wanted you to know what a TREMENDOUS experience it was and what a first class operation you are running. Your experience and approach to climbing is chiefly responsible for getting us all to the top safely! I would follow him anywhere! I thought I would enjoy the whole trip but I didn’t understand the role the guides, porters and drivers would play and Berg has the absolute best! Seriously contemplating another climb and/or a trip to Galapagos with Berg!


– Joe R., St. John's, Newfoundland

“This was my first “adult” adventure travel, you set the standard – HIGH!! Amazing, wonderful – more than I expected really!”

– Holly K. from Durham, NC

“Our trip to Kilimanjaro with the Berg team has exceeded our best expectations: our guide Julius had an incredible sense of humour, a high sense of responsibility, and is a "walking encyclopedia" with in-depth knowledge of the flora, fauna, history, geology, navigation, well-being in the mountain and the health of his team and climbers. Our assistant guide Emmanuel was quick to sense when we needed help with our packs during the climb up into the thinner air of Kilimanjaro, and constantly checked for signs of altitude sickness or exhaustion. Our camp staff included the twins 'Cipi' and 'Cornel', who managed the meals and overall camp operations with precision and great care for our safety and comfort. Our cook Jonas prepared unbelievably good meals at 18,000 feet, including baking a cake to celebrate Terry's second ascent! Our porters were engaged and genuinely happy to be there. Logistics were impeccable thanks to Arnold and Eric from Arusha. These trips are long and not easy to organize, and other teams came to our camp often to check out 'how can they get all of this??'.

A truly great experience, I know feel encouraged to try new expeditions with Berg, which I would not consider possible before. Thank you so much! ”

– Rafael E., Toronto, Ontario

“It was soon clear to the PSA Trekkers that BAI is the gold standard of outfitters on Kilimanjaro. All other outfitters bow down. It was common for trekkers from other outfitters to come to the BAI camp and ogle and photograph it, especially when the BAI staff was singing and dancing Kilimanjaro songs, as they did every time the PSA Trekkers entered or left camp.”

– Lee H.

“This trip far exceeded our expectations in every regard. It truly was an amazing adventure! We had no idea that the food, hotels and service would be five-star and beyond. The personalized service of the Tanzanian staff was a superb touch and we were treated royally!”

– Dave R., Calgary, Alberta.

“This adventure far exceeded my expectations and was indeed one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

I cannot say enough about our guide, Julius. He is incredibly calm and provided us with a wealth of knowledge about all aspects of the climb and the environment around us, everything from trees, to plants, to history and the geology of the area. Julius reassured us when we were not feeling well and checked in with us frequently to ensure that we were okay. He added so much value to our experience and in addition to that he has a keen sense of humour and wit that kept the mood light and relaxed. He was very respected by really everyone we met on the mountain and especially by his team.

I will never forget this experience or the people that helped get me to Uhuru Peak. I smile when I think of all of them and the great things they did to make us feel more at home.

Thank you for your part in this great experience, I would not hesitate to (and have) recommend Berg Adventures to anyone! I hope I get the chance to have another adventure with you!”

– Jocelyn D., Regina, Saskatchewan

“The trip was truly magical and the staff in Tanzania was great. My guide Elias was absolutely fantastic, he’s a special individual and we got along great. My wife and I will be doing the next Berg trip together.”

– Michael P., Calgary, Alberta

“Our guides and staff for both the Kili climb and safari were exceptional. We had excellent care 100% of the time. It was wonderful that you contacted folks at home to let them know when we succeeded in getting to the top of Africa! I would not hesitate at all on recommending Berg Adv. Int. to anyone who wishes to do a trip.

Thanks for the dispatches, I really enjoy re-living my own experience through them. ”

– Linda T., Edmonton, Alberta

“Thanks again so much for all of your guidance, support, wisdom, humor and encouragement on the mountain. John was right when he kept telling us how lucky we were to have you joining us. It added to the whole experience and it was a real treat and honor to have shared this with you. As the mountaineer's memory is slowly erasing the pain of summit day, Paul and I are starting to think about our next destination. Our paths are sure to cross again!”

– Diane K., Aylmer, Quebec

“I just want to thank you Wally for the great time in Africa and putting on an amazing guided expedition for us all! I always felt very well looked after and pampered. It hardly felt like we were on a mountain!! If we wanted something somehow you got it for us and the Steak dinner was a huge surprise and shows just how much you cared about us to go out of your way to do this. It took a lot of effort to get us those steaks and pork chops, it didn't go unnoticed!!

Everything you did was so far above the rest that BAI is untouchable!! You guys are awesome!

Thanks again Wally!!”

– Trevor S., Lethbridge, Alberta

“This was our first adventure vacation and we were overwhelmed with the professionalism and experience of BAI. The trip in general was amazing – the entire porter crew was supportive and friendly, best on the mountain! BAI treats them well and it shows!”

– Ian and Michelle C., Worcester, Massachusetts

“I wanted to thank you personally for running such a superb trek to Kilimanjaro. Also, thank you very much for helping me out with loaning me your warm anoraks for the final push. Your organization, the guides, the porters, the chefs, the food and every aspect made the trek the experience of a lifetime and I cannot thank you enough”.

– David K., London, United Kingdom

“In July 2008, Berg Adventures guided our two families (4 adults and 8 children) to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, including an incredible safari and 3 nights in Zanzibar.

Throughout the climb, my children repeatedly exclaimed “Wally Berg is the ‘Chuck Norris’ of mountain guides!” and I truly agree. On the way to the summit, he made certain that everyone enjoyed themselves. We had great accommodations with excellent chefs and attentive staff.

Every small detail was well thought out and the surprises were all pleasant and exciting. Berg Adventures was flexible and knowledgeable enough to accommodate changes to our schedule, including adding Zanzibar to our itinerary during our safari.

I’ve climbed several mountains and traveled extensively, and unequivocally, Berg Adventures is the most conscientious and professional service available. If you are looking for a luxury, customized adventure, call Wally Berg!”

– Phillip Huffines, Dallas, Texas

“Traveling with Berg made our trip an OUTSTANDING experience. It could not have been better with any other company. The Berg porters had a unique sense of spirit and camaraderie which made the climb especially fun for me. Our guide Julius was very knowledgeable and able to converse on a myriad of subjects. Our guide and driver, David turned out to be a hidden treasure. His jovial and easygoing personality made him a pleasure to be with the 6 solid days of safari driving. The employees at the Berg office in Tanzania, namely Nicholas and dear Angel were superb host and hostess. I am happy to be a reference for your company in the future and look forward to using you again!”

– Ellyn B., Chicago, Illinois

"The trip was on outstanding experience in all respects. Everyone with BAI was courteous, prompt, professional and a pleasure to deal with. Any problems were dealt with the goal of making sure that we were satisfied, happy and that our needs were being met."

– John B., Chicago, Illinois

"The trip was an incredible spiritual journey for me. You have changed my life forever. I thank you for everything you have given us."

– Julie L., Atlanta, Georgia

"Thank you so very much for all your dedication, thoughtfulness and efficiency in ensuring we had a wonderful climb and safari."

– Angie R., Calgary, Alberta

"Thank you for an incredible adventure.  In my business there is a concept called “exceeding client expectations”. This means giving more than the client expects; you certainly did that. Not only was the mountain and safari much more than I expected, your attention to detail and little added touches were fantastic… waiters, flowers on table, morning coffee, your photos… all very well done and appreciated."

– John S., Hamilton, Ontario

"Thanks again for your friendship and help on Kilimanjaro. With you and Nicholas I truly believe I could have climbed many more thousand feet that summit day. I can’t ever remember felling that ‘fit’ in my life. What a truly fulfilling adventure."

– Dr. Charles M., Jacksonville, North Carolina

"I was amazed with the organization of the trip, it was unbelievable. I’ve never been on a more organized, smooth-running trip!"

– Katherine W., Columbus, Georgia

"I would travel again with BAI in a heartbeat. BAI is the best in my book."

– Roger B., Tucson, Arizona

"I recently completed one of your trips to Kilimanjaro and want to take this opportunity to comment on your marvelous employees in Arusha and how they made our trip special.

When I booked this trip, we spoke with other individuals who have climbed Kilimanjaro before with your group and through the discussions, we knew about Nicholas. In fact, we were asked by one of those individuals to bring presents for Nicholas’s new baby when we made our trip. Nicholas did not guide us on our trip, but was a marvelous coordinator and was responsive to all our needs. David was our driver, and while he also did not make the trip with us, he was as pleasant and helpful as an employee could be which was also true of others who accompanied us on most of our drives. Our guides were excellent. They were professional but also fun to be with and we felt totally comfortable in what they were advising us and made our trip truly special. All of other people in the group made our overall trip much more enjoyable.

The esprit de corps of your people is inspirational and I thought you should know that talk about the company and with a great deal of respect.

Thank you for your excellent service and I hope you will share our comments with your marvelous people in Arusha."

– George Jody R., San Diego, California

"I wanted to send you this note to provide you with feedback on our Kilimanjaro trip in August.

The trip in general was excellent and we enjoyed ourselves a great deal. We're convinced that our Berg expedition was the best equipped and best prepared expedition on the mountain. We were particularly impressed by the quality of your guides and porters on the climb, both as professionals and people. They consistently went beyond the call and they were terrific ambassadors for Tanzania and for Berg. We would certainly recommend Berg to others and consider traveling with Berg again.

The safari was also first rate. The accommodations were extraordinary and we saw a bewildering array of wildlife and birdlife."

– Dave G. and Daniel A., Toronto, Ontario

"Our guides were most awesome people ever! We love them! it was so much fun, they taught us some Swahili and told us about their childhood and family.

It was a bit pricey compared to other services we looked at, that said, I felt safe, well fed and we both made it to the top and had a great time! "

– Meagan M. and Scott M., Palo Alto, California

"I just wanted to thank you and Berg Adventures for an unbelievably exhilarating adventure in Tanzania. The BBBS climb for kids was more than I ever expected! Your staff in Arusha is exceptional! Our guide was spectacular! "

– Rob M. and Kim F., Edmonton, Alberta

"As always I am grateful to BAI. Climb was magnificent, Safari unbelievable. "

– Rob D., Halifax, Nova Scotia

"We had such a great trip to Kili that neither one of us would go anywhere without joining up with BAI."

– Mark G. and Joe M., Irvine, California

"Extremely good! Huge fun. An enjoyable challenge. Different! "

– Anna C., London, England

"Guides were impressive! Food and staff very good. Great singing! More enjoyable than expected! "

– Marius C., London, England

"Excellent! The resource guides and information provided gave us some insight to the adventure. The Berg Adventure difference is obvious when talking with others about their Kili experience. "

– Jim B., Edmonton, Alberta

"Excellent! I received plenty of material and all other questions were answered promptly. The guides were very personable and of the highest caliber. BAI was like traveling first class. Awesome journey! I would not even consider using anyone but Berg Adventures."

– Joe M., Irvine, California

"Couldn’t imagine a better experience. Other trips tend to meet expectations, but BAI went well beyond my expectations. Excellent experience. Thank you. "

– Coley B., Denver, Colorado

"The trip was great; I would recommend BAI to anyone going to Kili."

– Mark G., Irvine, California

"Just a quick note to tell you that Line and I really love our trip in Africa. Our guides were fantastic; they enjoy their work and they really care about our success. The food and everything else (the toilet) was just … WOW and we certainly enjoyed the greeting from the porters with their songs and dance at the end of every days and the welcome/congratulation “ceremony” Nicholas (and the beer) on the last day. I could repeat the same thing about Richard in the safari; he is just a wonderful person.

Thanks for your support and talk to you for a next adventure."

– Rejean and Line, Montreal, Quebec

"Our guides were very friendly and taught as a lot about the park, people and Tanzania. Never had anyone carry my gear before, service superb."

– Michael E., Tucson, Arizona

"The team building concept of one family, 1 mountain, 1 team and the singing of the porters was very positive and welcome. I enjoyed every night, porters friendly and helpful. Had a great time."

– David K., Hollis, New York

"Thank you for a very spiritual journey. The Berg organization has and will enrich many people’s lives. We look forward to more adventures with your team."

– Rob D., Halifax, Nova Scotia

"When I first set-out for this crazy adventure, I was apprehensive about traveling by myself and completing such a challenging task. Berg Adventures has surpassed all of my expectations, especially with my background in the hospitality industry. I was overwhelmed from the start

The food and accommodations were great. Leila, thanks for holding my hand during those tricky parts and helping me feel better on my off day.

The best part of the trip was BAI’s staff. They are so filled with spirit that touched all of us. I will spread the word about my amazing trip. "

– Laura T., Halifax, Nova Scotia

"Awesome! The team-building was great! Ability to communicate with family and friends via Internet was excellent. Family really enjoyed following our progress. Thank you again for the experience of a lifetime!"

– Kimberly B., Vancouver, British Columbia

"The trip was outstanding. It was a great accomplishment on the part of everyone – a real team effort., a real sense of community. Thanks to Berg Adventures"

– Nancy H., Vancouver, British Columbia

"Greetings from White Rock. I have finally recovered from Jet lag and put fingers to the keyboard. So as to speed up the evaluation process I have attached it to this letter.

How does one thank you both for such a wonderful, life changing experience besides saying “Thank you, well done and congratulations on providing a truly unique service that went far beyond expectations” You make an excellent team and provide an exceptional service that is beyond compare. You have made history by providing our diverse group an opportunity of making so many dreams come true. I know each of our lives have been changed; one could see that in the light shining from each person eyes at the end of the climb. Self esteem has been built and doubt has changed to “I can do it” “I can reach my dreams” “I can do anything I put my mind and energy to.

I watched you as you had to make some changes in plan to accommodate our group which at times must have been very stressful. Yet you both maintained a smile and calm manner. Well done!

Berg Adventures truly came through for each of us, thank you again and please thank your wonderful team of friendly and professional guides, getting to know them, the kitchen staff, drivers and porters was for us all part of this great adventure. They all taught us about Tanzania and the beautiful people who live there."

– Susan J. and Tanja S., British Columbia Association for Community Living Team