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Kilimanjaro Expedition Dispatches

March 23, 2008 – Tarangire and Happy Easter!

The summit of Laura, Jane and Bob on the top of Africa!

Jambo! Happy Easter everyone. We are on safari having the most wonderful time, seeing giraffes, elephants and baboons. We are having a great time with our driver David, he is showing us a fabulous time.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Easter and we will talk to you soon.One of the many wonderful animals to see

Jambo, this Laura from Tarangire Park and we are on safari. It is unbelievable, the most incredible weather, seeing animals and we even saw a nice aggressive elephant yesterday which made me a little bit nervous. Just amazing. Having a great time and loving our guide. David spotted a lion which we could only see with binoculars, but it was great because he had some kill he was eating. It was wonderful to see.

Hey this is Bob, if anyone wants to know what’s going on with the trip, read Jane and Laura’s first. We are having a great time, it’s fun to stay in really nice places in the game parks. Seeing incredible animals, having phenomenal meals and replenishing after being up at high altitude. Now onto Ngorongoro crater. Talk later.We are now on Safari seeing amazing animals