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Title image - BAI takes you to: Torres del Paine

Nova Scotia Nature Trust Fundraising Trek Description

Trek through a land where lakes sparkle like emeralds, where glaciers defy gravity and where wildflowers cover the expansive meadows like a patchwork quilt—Patagonia.

Join Berg Adventures and the Nova Scotia Nature Trust in February 2013 for a unique trekking experience in Torres del Paine National Park to raise critical funds for wilderness protection in Nova Scotia. Every dollar fundraised is a dollar towards saving natural habitat, old-growth forests and pristine coastlines in Nova Scotia. Click here for the Nova Scotia Nature Trust printable PDF brochure.


The journey begins at the southern tip of the Americas in Punta Arenas, Chile, the historic port city where many of the early Antarctic expeditions began. Here we will breathe the cool, salty air coming off the Straits of Magellan.

Following our time in Punta Arenas, we travel north to Torres del Paine National Park where our adventure truly begins as we set out to complete famous “W Trek” alongside the iconic Paine Massif. Highlights of the circuit are countless, but some notable sights will include the massive Grey Glacier, the John Gardner Pass, the Valley of Silence and French Valley, and the countless towering peaks and turquoise lakes that will continuously surround us.

Your knowledgeable and passionate guides will keep you safe, comfortable and engaged with your surroundings. The natural history and human folklore of Patagonia are sure to delight and captivate the curious mind.


Heading up into the Patagonian Andes, we will experience strong winds. During our hikes, it can get hot a midday when the sun shines strong at this latitude, but evening temperatures are often cool. We’ll experience classic variable mountain weather, warm in direct sunlight, cool on cloudy days and at night. You will be adjusting your layers all day as you climb and hike in Patagonia. Even though this is a trip featuring some of the wildest mountain scenery in the world, we are at low elevations throughout our travels in Patagonia.


This trip is for energetic people who like to be active and have a spirit of adventure and a positive attitude. You should be in good health and reasonably fit.

Travelers who can walk a few hours a day unassisted will be able to fully enjoy the Patagonia trip. Most excursions are moderate activities though some optional explorations involve short, steep climbs or longer walks in potentially rainy and windy conditions. Our guides will inform you fully of any challenges an activity might present, and help you tailor each day to make the most of opportunities.

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Updates from your adventure will be posted on and on Berg Adventures Facebook page. If you would like to have a specific dispatch posted for your expedition, please contact our office for details. We will be happy to accommodate your requests. Our dispatches have been used by family and friends to follow the progress of our groups and by schools to learn about the wild places we visit. They can be a wonderful lasting archive of your adventure.