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Title image - BAI takes you to:  Mount Ararat & the Wonders of Turkey
Why climb with Berg Adventures

Climb Mount Ararat and Explore Turkey – Climber Testimonials

“Trip was fantastic! Look forward to our next trip with Berg Adventures - it’s always extremely well organized and each time we've gone we have met great people to share the experience with. Thank you Berg Adventures!”

– Roxanne S. Alberta

“I've travelled on guided adventure trips with Berg three times and once with a different company. I will not travel with anyone else. My expectations and goals have risen each time I've travelled with Berg and this trip was no different in having exceeded all measures of satisfaction. Safety, accommodations, friendly and seasoned guides, equipment, and all the intangibles of anticipating the needs of our group were done flawlessly with what seemed like casual ease.”

– Jim S. North Carolina

“Leila was courteous, friendly, determined and very helpful for me to reach the summit.”

– Jan D. The Netherlands

“This trip was a big success, not only in terms of preparation but also execution. Everything was well organized and everybody felt happy all the time. The camp sites were excellent and the cooking and service was first class.”

– Charles G. The Netherlands

“Wally, Oz and Duygu were great and did an exceptional job. The hotels were great! The transportation vehicles were great. My goals were met and I came back surprised and impressed by how modern and progressive Turkey expectations were totally different and beyond what I had read about this country. Must go back!”

– Jean Pierre C. Quebec

“What makes Berg Adventures travel experiences unique is the blend of cultural activities with a physical challenge. You really don't know what will happen -- weather? trail conditions? illness? -- while you get to the summit. I think Berg tries to remind its clients to be prepared physically, but you don't know what you can do until you do it. I was at first surprised at the length of time needed to get to and climb Ararat, but it turned out to be so very brief, harder than I expected, but that was good and a reminder not to be too casual about preparing well. Berg communicated exactly what was needed in terms of equipment and clothing. I used it all.

This was my first, and will not be my last, Berg Adventures. It was a trip of a lifetime. Berg Adventures provides a wide range of experiences and options that are well-balanced with time on your own as well as organized outings. I very much appreciated the care taken to select knowledgeable and enjoyable staff - we loved hanging out with them, talking, learning, and sharing experiences. The trip left me longing to return. See you next year!”

– Carolyn S. Seattle

“Compared to many previous expeditions, your service was more than excellent. Ararat 2013 was a super experience!”

– Fons D. The Netherlands