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Title image - BAI takes you to: Kamchatka

Explore Kamchatka with Berg Adventures – Trip Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival in Petropovlask from Anchorage in the morning. We’ll tour this port, the region’s capital which sits just below two massive volcanoes, staying in the town’s most outstanding hotel.

Day 2: After breakfast we board a helicopter for a scenic two-hour flight to the Tumroksky thermal springs area, nestled in a wide scenic valley. After dining on fresh salmon, we’ll spend the night in rustic wooden cabins.Kamchatka Peak

Day 3: Our first major trek is an attempt of the Kizimen Volcano (2400 m). We’ll start hiking through a taiga forest which soon turns into tundra as we approach the lower slopes of the volcano. After crossing scree and navigating through big lava boulders, we’ll head for the summit. The views will be thrilling. Descend back to our cabins at Tumroks hot springs.

Day 4: Today we move higher, hiking for 5 to 6 hours on a good path through the forest to remote wooden cabins at 1200m with impressive views of the whole Klyuchevskoi Group of volcanoes.

Day 5: We will walk back down over tundra and through taiga to the head of the rough road leading to Lazo village. Drive one hour to the village where we will enjoy a typical Russian bath and spend the evening in a local guesthouse.

Day 6: We’ll start the morning with a drive in an expedition truck to Leningradskaya station, Kamchatka Campa remote settlement. Along the way, we’ll stop at viewpoints to admire the remarkably young Southern and Northern volcanoes, born in 1975, where our geography text books come alive! We’ll spend the night in a rustic mountain hut.

Day 7: Our ascent of to the rim of Plosky Tolbachik volcano (3000m) will be challenging. From the summit we’ll enjoy an incredible view inside a huge 500-meter deep crater with glaciers hanging from the rims. Return to our huts.

Day 8: A helicopter will carry us from Tolbachik and Zimina volcanoes to a hut at 1200m under Bezymyany volcano. We’ll rest up for the next day – another challenging volcano climb.

Day 9: The ascent of Bezymyany volcano (2800m) will be a full-day trek. The terrain is similar to that of Kizimen.

Day 10: Leaving the hut under Bezymyany volcano, we walk over tundra at the foot of Tolbachik Volcano, along a dry river bed through a very unique and photogenic canyon. Snowy Tolbackik towers above us on the left and the foothills of the highest part of Klyuchevskoi Group are on the right. We camp for the night by the river.

Day 11: From our riverside camp, it is a 12-km hike over a pass to the tree line and the trailhead – with an expansive view of the Kamchatka Valley. An expedition truck will be waiting for us.

Kamchatka BearDay 12: Today we drive back to Petropovlask, stopping for lunch on the way and staying in one of the area’s finest hotels.

Day 13: We offer a spectacular option to fly by helicopter to the famous and colorful Geysers Valley, where 200 of the world’s 800 geysers boil beneath massive volcanoes. Brown bears, sables, wolves, lynxes, sea otters and Kamchatkan sea eagles call the area home (excursion must be reserved before departure from North America). Those not opting for the excursion can tour the area. Return to our hotel in the evening.

Day 14: In the morning we will enjoy a sea excursion in a motor boat before boarding our flight to Anchorage.

Day 15: Return home.