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Title image - BAI takes you to: Tanzania Wildlife Safari

Wlidlife Safari Comments

“The safari was spectacular; the Guides were super professional, courteous and very knowledgeable!!!! All in all the best trip we have been on, not just due to the location but the people associated with Wally Berg!”

– Greg P., Bedford, PA

"Our guides were very skilled and did an excellent job in all situations. They were very education and helpful! It was top class. The greatest family vacation I have been on. I can’t think of any way for this trip to be improved, you made my family vacation outstanding! "

– Daniel R., Alpine , California

"Our safari guide David was the best. His knowledge, driving and company couldn’t have been better. The support staff was excellent."

– Carol B. and David B., Huntington Beach, California

"I choose to travel with Berg Adventures International, because I know the staff you work with in other countries are trained to handle whatever situation comes up.

One of the best things about traveling to other countries is meeting the people who live and work there and learning their culture. Each evening one of our guides sat with us at dinner and talked about their lives and their families. I found everyone to be engaging and so much fun to be with. I especially liked the welcome song and the dance routine when we arrived in camp each day. Frank, we call him Rasta Frankie is the best!

Much praise goes to David, our safari guide, who has the eyes of a hawk and whose knowledge of local wildlife is more than impressive. Much praise to Nicholas as well for getting my backpack to me at the last minute just before I boarded the plane to come home. I can‘t thank him enough.

Lastly, the party when we came off the mountain was unexpected and totally a blast.

I came away from the whole experience energized and wondering “ which mountain is next?"

– Pat S., Shelburne Falls, Maine

"We enjoyed the safari and our time with David. David is a gem."

– James T., Sedona, Arizona

"We had a wonderful trip and thank you for organizing it. The hike was great, the guides were great and the safari was fun. Everywhere we went, you had the best reputation. Thank you for your efforts."

– Jack S., Atlanta, Georgia

"The safari was everything we could have asked for: 16 lions, cheetahs, jaguars, and on and on. A great experience. The guides and porters did a great job also. It just felt weird having only the two of us and all those people. We had a good time. I would recommend to others."

– Greg H., Chesapeake, Vermont