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Title image - BAI takes you to: Aconcagua
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Aconcagua Expedition Dispatch

January 15, 2016 – The Summit of Mount Elbrus and the Summit of Kilimanjaro Are Just a Bit Higher Than Camp II

Well, the air is really thin at 5,500 metres above sea level and that’s what we are here at Nido de Condor, real high altitude. The summit of Mount Elbrus and the summit of Kilimanjaro are just a bit higher than this elevation. So, some of our team members have been this high before. But you’ve got to remember that we are not climbing here and descending, we are going to sleep here tonight.

We had our two nights at Camp I and now we are at Camp II. Maria just made one of her fantastic mountain meals, really nice vegetable soup and a simple chicken dish and mashed potatoes, pretty good high altitude meal.

Mac came to me early this morning; actually I was worried about him because he’s had difficulty breathing each of the past two nights. I went over to see him and he sent word that he needed to talk to me right away. Second bad night for Mac at Plaza Canada, elevation 16,000 ft.

So I sent him down to see the doctors, they are not extremely concern, but I made the decision that Mac is not going any higher on Aconcagua on this trip. So, he’s back down there now, might go out on a helicopter, and he will still catch Woodie and Mathes if he makes it tonight or he might go tomorrow. Mac is fine, Sergio was down there with him and of course Plaza de Mulas, base camp, is a pretty good place to be. We will keep you posted on a Mac’s progress as he heads out towards Mendoza and get his lungs back to lower elevation.

We miss you Mac, but you are part of the team always, you are going to be here in spirit every step of the way as we climb higher.

So Chris, Danny, Jason and Scott are doing great. We’ve got pretty good oxygen saturation tonight, considering high altitude; we are expecting a cold night. Maria is melting snow and ice only. ( lost transmission)

Update from Berg Adventures office: Mas was able to take a helicopter back to Horcones tonight and a transfer was waiting for him and took him back to Mendoza. We just received a text from him: he said that the flight down to Horcones was great and recommend everyone taking after the climb. Have your cameras handy, the views are fantastic. Great ride and view.

Audio of Wally's call Listen to Wally's call

We will miss you Mac!

We will miss you Mac!