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Title image - BAI takes you to:  Kilimanjaro
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Kilimanjaro Expedition Dispatch

March 9, 2008 – Summit Success: BBBS on Top of Africa!

BBBS Team on Uhuru

It’s March 9, and I am calling your from Uhuru Peak 19,340 feet the very top of Africa. I am very proud to say all of the remaining members of BBBS Climb for Kids hiked together to the very summit of Kilimanjaro at 3:40 this afternoon. John came up hear with tears in his eyes, very emotional. The man who put this whole thing together and spearheaded the efforts in all of the months of organization and planning.

We saw those sweethearts, Paul and Diane who had many warm hugs on so many beautiful locations during this trip. They had, perhaps the warmest and most romantic hug overall by the Uhuru Peak sign.

The romantic couple celebrating their summit success together

When Babu and Bibi reached the summit, they took out a little packet with 6 lockets of hair, one from each of their granddaughters. We all watched today as they gave a beautiful message to their granddaughters and left those lockets of hair on the top of Kilimanjaro. The lockets slowly started blowing in the wind across the top of Africa.

There are a couple of other very special mementos up here, family and friends lost and still with us. [transmission interrupted, wind] we were honored to share this time.

One of our many sponsors and support, thank you!Of course also very special, are those banners from all our sponsors across Canada. We were proud to get those out and we look forward to people seeing these banners which we carried proudly to the top of Africa.

We have a night as you know on top of Kilimanjaro in the crater, I will report to you when we are safely down there. We have a lot of adventure and great times together in Tanzania yet to come. So please stay tuned.

We are proud to say that on March 9th, we put the BBBS team on top of Kilimanjaro.Another sponsor banner