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Kilimanjaro Expedition Dispatch

March 9, 2008 – Early Start for Stella Point

Jim and Brenda

It’s March 9th and I am calling you from our camp at about 16,000 feet. It rained last night, but everyone reported to me that they slept well. We had our wakeup call at 5:30am because we don’t get the middle of the night start like some of the Kilimanjaro routes. We are climbing up to our next camp, which will actually be in the crater.

As a matter of fact, at 7:10 am Steve, Mark, Trevor and some of the guides slowly started the climb towards Stella point. Now it’s 7:30am and John, Diane, Paul, Brenda, Jim, some of the guides and I are starting to follow up. All of the Berg Adventures staff are braking down the camp and beginning to carry the heavy loads up into the beautiful crater of Kili. It looks like we have a beautiful but windy day ahead of us.

BAI guides are always smiling! BAI guides are always smiling!