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Kilimanjaro Expedition Dispatch

March 6, 2008 – Jim's Birthday and Success up to Lava Tower

The story begins, when a little sister needs a friendMarch 3rd was Jim’s 62nd birthday. He probably thought that nobody was going to mention anything about it and high on the slopes on Kilimanjaro he is having a very unique birthday. After dinner in our dining tent, we heard some of the staff coming towards us, the flaps to the tent sprung open and there stood the cook staff and the kitchen crew with a beautiful birthday cake for Jim. Happy Birthday Jim, what a place to be - here on Kilimanjaro with Big Brothers Big Sister’s Climb for Kids.

Jim’s surprise birthday celebration on KilimanjaroEach day along the trail has been challenging, but there has been a lot of fun moments and a lot of laughter with our staff and with one another. Don’t get me wrong it has become challenging as we’ve gone higher and higher, but we are inspired by the mountain above and all of the support back home. I can tell this is a team one who really believes in themselves.

The interaction with our staff is always very rewarding. I described to you in the last dispatch, the story dance that Trevor created with some of the guides. The dance described a little sister meeting a big sister and what a wonderful experience that was. The scene around camp is really enjoyable every night. Just today, Trevor did his interview (which he has been doing many with B93 Radio in Lethbridge, Alberta) and some of the guys preformed a song that they had written about BBBS from Africa to Alberta and all of Canada in support of BBBS. It was a very touching moments and I am sure back in Lethbridge they will play that tape several times today.

We are at Lava Tower camp tonight about 14,900 feet above sea level. We are feeling the low air pressure but we are taking care of one another. The staff is doing a remarkable job taking care of everyone. We will be climbing higher and may get our chance to stand on the very summit of Kilimanjaro. We are going to have a great time together trying and we will report to you every day as we climb higher and higher.She celebrates with a dance when she has met her friend