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Title image - BAI takes you to: Mt.Elbrus
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Elbrus Expedition Dispatches

Berg Adventures Mount Elbrus Expedition

July 8 - 23, 2016

Climb Mount Elbrus

Thirteen Berg Adventures climbers are on their way to Russia where they will meet Wally Berg to attempt the summit of the highest peak in Europe: Mount Elbrus.

Beginning in St. Petersburg and then travelling by train to Moscow this team will explore the history, culture and beauty of Russia’s two greatest cities.

From Moscow they will head south to the Caucasus Mountains. Working from a base near the village of Terskol, the team will acclimatize and enjoy the sport culture of Russia’s most celebrated mountain region, known as Prielbruse. From there the real fun will begin! Follow along as the team rides up to a high altitude base at Garabashi on the glacial slopes of Mount Elbrus, where they will live in famous “Barrels”.

Days spent hiking and practicing their mountaineering skills will prepare them for their summit attempt on Mount Elbrus (18,510ft/5,642m).

Follow along as the team sends updates from their expedition!


  • Christina Rosen
  • Stephen Rosen
  • Melody Deisher
  • Jerry Trust
  • Kale Klontz
  • Jennifer Su
  • Josh Freedman
  • Les De Witt
  • Bailey Dewitt
  • Scott Kocis
  • Nick Nichols
  • Bob Nichols
  • Devin Devarennes


  • Wally Berg
  • Karina Mezova
  • Vladimir Kopylov
  • Vladimir Bakhmutov

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