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Title image - BAI takes you to: Mt. Vinson

Expedition Dispatch

November 30, 2012 – Managing Unpredictable Weather

I told you, I’d tell you about the weather report! What we heard is, and these reports tend to be pretty good, is that beginning sometime in the next few hours and for two days after that, we’re going to have high winds right here at base camp in excess of 25, up to 35 knots, maybe 40. Temperatures are going to get down, at least in the -25 to -30 Celsius range. So were preparing for a big storm here. It was good we moved on the mountain, got very munted or very tired today because the next two days we’re probably going to be camped out in the storm. We’ll continue to report how it’s going. It’s a great life up here, challenging of course, beautiful, real life, powerful nature around you. You got to take what comes as it goes and take care of yourself, and that is exactly what we are doing. Vaughan is learning a lot and we’re all having a great time together in this wild, demanding, challenging place—High Camp on Mt. Vinson in Antarctica.

Audio of Wally's call Listen to Wally's call

Wx7 weather station

Wx7 weather station (Image credit: Antarctica Logistic)

Wx8 weather station

Wx8 weather station (Image credit: Antarctica Logistic)

Wx8 at Thiel Mountains below clear blue skies Wx8 at Thiel Mountains underneath a bright sun

Wx8 at Thiel Mountains (Image credit: Antarctica Logistic)

Forecaster checking weather models at Union Glacier

(Image credit: Antarctica Logistic)