Viewing the Serengeti from a hot-air balloon

March 8, 2006 – Exquisite Serengeti

Jambo to everybody from Kerry and Corey in Kigoma.  We are setting off tomorrow to do our first Chimpanzee trek.  Today we just flew from Arusha and the two previous days were just glorious in the Serengeti.  The day before yesterday we got up very early in the morning and rode a hot air balloon over the Serengeti plains and finished off with a wonderful breakfast under an acacia tree with animals around us.  It was absolutely phenomenal.

In the Serengeti we stayed at a place called the Migration Camp which was absolutely exquisite, the most beautiful setting, lodges and the tents were just perfect.  It had everything you would want in the middle of Africa, the people and animals in harmony.  Serengeti was probably the place where we saw the most lions ranging from big prides of lions to just a few sisters sun bathing on the rocks.  We saw a beautiful male lion on top of a kopje, which is a rock formation and we have a wonderful picture to show everybody.

We’ve been having just a wonderful time.  I did see my crocodile in the Serengeti.  So now we are off for the end of our trip to see some Chimpanzees in Gombe Stream and we’ll let you know how that goes when we’re done.  Bye.