Lake Tanganyika by Gombe Stream

March 11, 2006 – Grand Finale to an Incredible Adventure

Jambo to everyone from Kigoma.  Corey and I are just about ready to go on our long trip back to America.  We had 2 incredible days at Gombe Stream National Park just north of Kigoma.  On the first day we hiked up and saw a group of 30 chimpanzees doing all kinds of natural stuff which I won’t get into too much detail, but it was just an amazing experience.  We did some serious hiking which my father-in-law would have loved.  The lake itself was absolutely beautiful and the Gombe Tented camp was a wonderful grand finale to this trip.  A wonderful place to stay with great service, staff and we had an excellent adventure.                                

We are about to head towards Dar es Salam and I think we’ll have our last dispatch there.  We’ve had the most incredible time, Berg Adventures International is an excellent company, and I’d recommend them to anybody who wants to do a safari or see any part of this beautiful country in Africa.  We’ll talk to you soon.

Gombe Tented Camps tucked away in the trees

[later that day]

Jambo to everyone from Kerry and Corey in Dar es Salam, Tanzania.  I’m calling for our final dispatch as we are going to board our plane in an hour and head back to the United States.  It’s with sadness that I leave this final dispatch, we’re so sad to leave this beautiful place; we’ve had such an incredible adventure here in the wonderful country of Tanzania.

We started in the Treetops of Tarangire National Park and then went to the crater of Ngorongoro, we spanned the plains of the Serengeti and climbed the hills of Gombe Stream to find the shadow of man, and the chimpanzees were amazing.  This entire adventure has been one that we will not soon forget and definitely hope to return again.  The people of Tanzania are just an amazing people with so much joy in their lives and I want to thank every single person we met along the way for sharing their stories and their smiles with us.

We also want to thank Berg Adventures International for putting together an unbelievable trip with so many highs and so much to see, feel and remember.  We miss our family and we’re so excited to see everyone and that’s the bright side of leaving.  However we will always remember and cherish our time in Africa.

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