Visiting a Masai village

March 4, 2006 – Experiencing the Masai Way of Life

Jambo to everyone from Kerry and Corey at the Ngorongoro Crater.  We’ve been here for a day and a half and yesterday we had a wonderful experience at a Masai village where we met the chief’s son and were welcomed into the village.  We saw local Masai dances and were able to participate with that.  We also met some wonderful, adorable children at the school house and they sang songs for us.  We learned a lot about the Masai way of life.  It was such an incredible experience.

Today we had another great safari drive yet again, now seeing all 5 of the ‘big 5’ animals.  We saw 4 black rhino today and a cheetah in action but not making the kill but she came very close, it was very exciting to see.  We did see a beautiful male lion with a kill which was a little gory.  An incredibly successful day and we are looking forward to telling everybody about it and showing pictures and all that stuff when we get home.  We’ll give you a call from the Serengeti next.  Thanks.