August 11, 2006 – Moving Up on Kilimanjaro

Climbing the Baranco WallThis is Andrew and I’m calling from Camp Karanga.  I wanted everyone to know that the reason I haven’t called in is because we have been pretty busy.  We were at Lava Tower yesterday close to 16,000 feet (5876 m), then we descended, crossed three ridges to reach Karanga where we will get ready for the summit attack which will be in 2 days.

For the past day I have had a little bit of a stomach problem but other than that everybody is healthy and fired up and we will make our summit attempt on Sunday.  We will update you as time goes on.

Hello it's Twyla now, I just wanted to say that we had beautiful weather today.  We were blessed and very lucky because last time the weather was crumby for the group going across.  We had a beautiful view of the mountain as well as Mount Meru for our whole days walk.

We enjoyed a little scrambling across the Baranco Wall which I thought was fun and we settled in at camp way above the clouds, where we have a beautiful view of the top of the clouds which you don’t get to see that often.  Health wise I’m doing very well, no problems so far.  My biggest enemy right now is the cold because it’s getting pretty cold at night but the hand and feet warmers are very helpful, so thanks mom and dad.

We have camped 3 nights with other groups which has been fun because we got to meet some other people.  We continue to eat a lot of great food here on the mountain, so we are happy about that.  And I’m still working on my Swahili.

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