August 10, 2006 – Full Bellies at Lava Tower Camp

Twyla and Andrew with some of their staff on Kilimanjaro

Hello this is Twyla calling on behalf of Andrew and me from Lava Tower Camp here on Kilimanjaro.  We did not have cell phone coverage yesterday so sorry there have not been any dispatches before now.  We are both doing very well, healthwise no problem, we are tolerating the elevation very well, besides from being a little bit dirty and smelly.                     

We are having a great time.  We started out walking through basically a rain forest jungle which was particularly interesting because we came across some elephant dung, which made us surprised to think that an elephant was walking here before us.  The next day we walked through basically the moorland and then through the alpine desert.  Now we’ve stopped for another night.

We’ve been very well taken care of up here by the crew from Berg Adventures.  We are being led by very capable guides Safi and Rodrick and we have about another 18 people with us including porters, camp staff, cooks, someone who carries the toilet for us, everyone you could think of.  So we are not really roughing it at all, we are luxury camping here on Kilimanjaro which we are thoroughly enjoying.

We are greeted with a song and African dance every time we get to camp which is so far my favorite part.  They are feeding us very well, probably too much as I’m sure I’ll be fatter coming off the mountain than when I came on but I’m enjoying it none the less.  So we should be able to do another dispatch tomorrow.  Andrew wanted to say hello to his family and friends and I of course will do the same.  So keep yourself tuned to the Berg Adventures website for our next dispatch.  Love you all, talk to you soon.

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