August 12, 2006 – Cosolo Camp (15,800 ft, 4815 M)

Mt. Meru

Hello this is Twyla calling; we were fortunate to have a warm night, but I did wake up with a bit of a headache. I took some medicine and did a physical therapy on myself and I am feeling a bit better now (at this altitude anyway…).

We walked most of the day with a beautiful view of mountain Meru, actually it kind of reminded me of Mount (transmission not clear), from this angle, peeking out. But instead of coming out of the earth, it looks like it comes out of a sea of clouds.

It was a gorgeous day and it continuous to be so, we are fortunate to be sitting here in the beautiful sunshine, staring at the glaciers of Kilimanjaro. The altitude is definitely a factor, as we are all sitting here, quite out of breath as we giggle away here.

They did take 3 people down from the last camp from another group because they were sick from the altitude.

They are continuing to treat us well here at Berg Adventures, I forgot to tell you about another luxury that they give us, is hot tea in the mornings before we even poke our heads out of the tents they bring us a warm cup, that makes the morning much easier to enter into.

We have been passing our evenings away, playing cards and I am happy to report that this Canadian girl is holding her own against the Tanzanian boys. I have been victorious the last 2 nights but I am afraid that the altitude now might take over in regards to that as well. But the Swahili comes along and I can now ramble off all the suits of the card in Swahili.

We are headed for an ascent tomorrow at least that’s what I am hoping for anyways so keep us in your prayers –  as Andrew has said,  “I definitely feel closer to God up here”, so we are hoping that he can pull us up, if need be, and if he can’t  do that, then  Safi will have to,  or maybe Rodrick .  

So keep us in your prayers and we will send you a dispatch when we can.  Cheers! 

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