July 13, 2007 – Tomorrow is the Big Day!

The team at Kosovo Camp looking up at the summit of Kilimanjaro

The Hughes Brother’s Spirits are High

Hey everybody this is Thomas. I’m here with Alex and John. Our spirits are high. Tomorrow I think we are going to try and summit... lost transmission]                    

Bob Dylan Gets Ready to Summit with the Team

We’re up here at about 16,000 feet [4876 meters] and we’re getting ready to summit tomorrow. The sky is cobalt blue, there’s a craggy mountain and a snow covered summit that stares us in the face. It couldn’t be more beautiful. We are all very healthy and I am feeling at my best and I’m listening to Bob Dylan. I don’t know what could be better. The company is wonderful and this is the adventure that I hoped it would be. The only other thing I can say is that I miss my wonderful wife and children and my friends as well. I would recommend this to anybody. I look forward to seeing you soon when I return from the summit. This is Lloyd-ie saying good-bye!

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