July 10, 2007 – Lloyd i.e. Babu

The whole team by the Londorossi gate on the way to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

Richard - happy to be a private guide for LloydHello all my friends and family! This is Lloyd, or Lloyd-ie Babu [Swahili for Grandfather]. This adventure is beyond my wildest dreams. I am doing quite well as we reach 15,000 feet at a place called Lava Camp. The scenery is wonderful. We just passed Buffalo tracks; they wander around to eat the alkali off the rocks. It is so beautiful up here, even more beautiful than I imagined it was even going to be. The sky is blue and there is still snow on the mountain – although it is disappearing fast. We are looking straight up at Kili and we are getting ready to ascend what looks like a pretty darn steep mountain. The food is fabulous. We are being treated like royalty by Berg Adventures. My guide Richard is fabulous and a fountain of information. I remain strong and healthy.   I’m feeling very strong. I miss my family and I’ll keep recording when they allow me.

Eating Like Kings at Lava Tower Camp

Hello Everyone! We are now at Lava camp at the base of Kili – 15 000 feet. It is beautiful! We are being treated like royalty. Berg Adventures is certainly feeding us well and keeping us strong. We will be staying at our base at Lava Tower Camp here so that we will be ready to ascend the mountain tomorrow. We have 4 000 more feet to climb. It looks a little bit bumpy, but I know that they will take care of us. All of us in the group are very strong. We are enjoying lavish meals, they are really wonderful. We are eating three full meals a day... [lost transmission]

The team approaching Lava Tower camp on a beautiful day

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