July 16, 2007 – Summit!

The Final push to the summit

Lloyd reaches the Summit!

Well my guide Richie has brought me to 18 750 feet [5714 meters]. It is beautiful! It is magnificent! I have to tell you, I would not have made it without his constant encouragement. The 3000 foot [914 meters] ascent was a lot harder than I thought it would be, but I feel fantastic. He gave me juice and extra food whenever I needed it…[lost transmission]…

Uhuru Peak - The Summit of Mt. KilimanjaroThe Mackenzies make the Final Push to the Summit

Hello, this is Linda Mackenzie. We are at Stella Point, which is about 17,000 feet [5181 meters] and we will do the last push to the top of Uhuru Peak. All of us are doing very well. We are on the way to the top! Our guides have been absolutely amazing! They managed to get us all here in record time. The food continues to be incredible, we have had hot enchiladas. The trek through the valley and up onto the mountain has been absolutely amazing. Thank you!

Thomas, Alex and John – Minutes Away from the Summit

Hey everybody, this is Thomas. I am reporting from Stella Point. I am around 18,500 feet [5638 meters]. We are getting ready to step foot on the summit, which is only about a 45 minute walk from here. I just wanted to leave everybody a quick message before we head off. I love you Mom and Dad. I love you Joy. Wish us the best! Bye.

Looking back on crater camp

Lloyd’s Final Dispatch from the Mountain – Happy to be Standing on Rubber Legs!

Hi this is Lloyd-ie again and I am happy to report that I have safely descended from the mountain. I walked about 21-22 miles [33-35 kilometers] straight downhill from the summit and Crater Camp and now I am sitting in this car making this dispatch. My legs have somehow, magically, turned to rubber! But the walk down was a wonderful walk through all the climate rings, from the mountains to the moorlands to the rainforest and now I am sitting in a car and a car has never felt so good to me. So, I had a wonderful adventure and I would recommend this trip to anybody. You will have a blast, the people are wonderful and the food is terrific. Even the walk downhill didn’t deter me because I had my guide Richard and I had all the support staff with me to make sure that I was safe. Now, I have to check and make sure the driver is safe! I will see everyone soon. Bye-bye!

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