July 29, 2006 – Fun and Laughter on Kilimanjaro

Kosovo camp on Kilimanjaro

Hi this is Raquel and this is our second dispatch and we were going to do one yesterday but it just got too late and we were just having too much fun actually and forgot!  We descended through a lot of rocks and then made our way up to 3900m (12,800ft) and at that point we made camp.  We were greeted at the camp by our daily singing staff and crew, which has been one of the highlights of the trip.  We are currently at 4267m (14,000ft) and we are making our way to 4700m (15,420m) at which point we will make camp.  We have 2 nights left before our summit and we are really looking forward to that.  Everyone is in really good form.

[later that day, update from Raquel]

We have arrived at Kosovo camp and we were greeted by some very enthusiastic singers.  Everyone says hello to their moms, family and friends.  The motto of the day is ‘I can smoke, I can drink but I cannot walk’ [lots of laughter].  That’s it from Kilimanjaro for today.  Bye!! [laughter continues…]

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