August 1, 2006 – Team Reaches the Summit and Returns to Arusha

Kosovo camp on Kilimanjaro

Hi this is the group from Kilimanjaro and I just wanted to check in and do a dispatch.  This is Travis and I’m speaking on behalf of Raquel, Jason, Alex, Matthew, Aaron and Ryan.  I just wanted to update everyone that we had an incredible week.  It is August 1st and we arrived back in Arusha at the hotel to check in the night before we go on safari.

We did have an incredible week out on Kilimanjaro.  It was an arduous trip but we had a lot of laughs and it turned out to be an incredible, life changing experience.  I think I can say that on behalf of everyone we did reach the summit, actually a day early which was a great thing because some guys were getting some high altitude symptoms and we only had a 4 hour window to summit.  So it was the best thing to do, to push ahead on Sunday rather than waiting to Monday morning.

It was an amazing personal accomplishment on everyone’s part.  We want to thank everyone from Berg Adventures as well as our guides and porters, the genuine kindness and hard work by everyone involved just made this trip possible for one and enhanced it so much that it is really hard to say in words.

Everyone is back in Arusha, we’re off the mountain, safe and just had an incredible time.  I think everyone wants to say hello to their family and friends and we apologize that these dispatches have been a little sparse but sometimes at high altitude our reception was not that great.  We want to wish everyone well, tell our family we love them and that we will see them shortly.  Thanks for checking in, bye.

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