July 27, 2006 – First Days on Kilimanjaro

The team has a sit down lunch on Kilimanjaro

Hi this is Raquel calling you from Lava Point at 4600 meters (15,092 ft).  This is our first dispatch from our trip on the Lemosho trail of Kilimanjaro.  We started in Arusha and spent a couple of days there and saw the local culture and went for a hike where we got to see the local life.                    

Then we took a jeep to a certain point on Kilimanjaro and climbed up to 2600 meters (8530 feet) where we spent the night in the jungle, a very lush environment.  From there we went up to 3500 meters (11,500 ft) the next day.  Very different vegetation at that point, lots of grass plains, very safari like actually.  After spending the night at 3500 meters we went up to 4100 meters (13,450 ft) and we made camp there at Moir Hut.  That was a cold night.

The group is great, there are 4 guys from New York, not including Alex who is the 5th and he is an Irishman.  We have Matt, Aaron, Travis, Ryan and Alex from New York and Jason and I are from London.  It’s a good group; we are having a lot of fun playing cards at night, making jokes and enjoying each others company.  The trek has been great and the guides are unbelievable and our staff has been amazing.  I’m sitting here with Safi who is amazing and our other 2 guides Matthew and Rodrick and they have been fantastic as well.

Right now I’m looking out at a blanket of clouds, we are above the clouds at this point and it is absolutely beautiful.  Behind me is the mountain of Kilimanjaro and we hope to reach its summit in the next couple of days.

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