June 28, 2007 – Sleeping at Migration Camp with Real Hippopotamus Around Us!

Sleeping with the sounds of hippos in the luxurious bed at the Migration camp

Everyone commented on how well they slept in those big comfortable beds at Migration Camp. The peaceful sounds of Serengeti were all around us last night. The river is just a short distance from the tent and you can hear the sounds of hippopotamus all night long. Real hippopotamus, not the little warthogs that Elizabeth was always looking at!

Steve and Susan enjoying the safari

We took off in the morning, not at a very early hour because Caroline reminded me that she was on vacation. So we slept in a bit and took off at about 8:30 am or so with Maji and David for a game drive. Our goal this morning was to find some cats. It was a slow morning and we didn’t see a lot for a long time but patience always pays off. We thought we saw a mama cheetah running along in the bush. We sat quietly and watched for quite a while and sure enough, she came out with four little cheetah kittens and was crossing the road to get back to her kill to feed her kittens. It was fascinating watching those cheetahs.

We came to Migration camp for lunch and a siesta and then we went back out in the evening, when it is good and we found a female lion. You know, migration is going on in the Serengeti right now and we have seen already the endless lines of wildebeests and zebras stretching out as far as the eye can see. I think we are going to find more of that today as we leave towards the park gates and into Ngorongoro Crater.

Cheetah Family

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