June 29, 2007 – Doc Martin Group

We passed solitary Masai figures wearing their red robe in the distance

Becky Martin enjoys the migrationIt is a long drive from Migration Camp in Northern Serengeti to the Ngorongoro Crater, but there is adventure all along the way when you are driving through this wonderful wildland.

Just after we left Migration Camp Frank, who has become our best spotter, said. “look there is a kill hanging in a tree.”  Sure enough there was a freshly killed wildebeest hanging in a small Acacia tree right beside the road.

We sat quietly for a time because we knew that the leopard that had done the killing was nearby in the tall grass.  The cat stayed put wherever she was however, so we left her alone to enjoy her breakfast.

Carolina tried on some of the Masai woman jewelryLater after checking out of Serengeti National Park at the Naabi Hill Gate we continued our drive toward Ngorongoro.  It was with some regret that we left behind the expanse of Serengeti where we’d spent these past two days.  We’d gotten used to seeing the long lines of thousands of wildebeest and zebras, often with tall giraffes walking along beside as they followed their timeless cycle in search of food and water.  Becky Martin made one of our favorite comments of this trip when she said remembering the Martin family Basset Hounds back home in North Carolina, “Honey and Buttercup migrate, they move from the garage into the kitchen regularly when it is time to eat!”

We took a lunch stop today at Olduvai, where Mary Lekey did her important work in the 1970’s.  Contemplating that the barren landscape around us there was truly the “cradle of Mankind” was fascinating.  We enjoyed a brief, well done lecture from a resident park service archeologist before we continued on in our Land Cruisers.

Along the way up toward the Ngorongoro Highlands, we passed solitary Masai figures wearing their red robes in the distance.  Just before we pulled into our lodge on the rim of the Crater, we stopped for a visit at a Masai Boma, or village

We got used to seeing the migration with long lines of thousands of wildebeest and zebras, often with tall giraffes walking along.

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