June 27, 2007 – It's a Hippo!

The team arriving in Serengeti at the Seronera Airstrip

We were up very early in the morning at the Arusha Hotel the day after coming off the mountain. We’ve said good-bye to Deke before and of course Jackie had already gone all the way into Nairobi with Arnold for her international flight in the Berg Adventures car.

Elizabeth surprised to see how tiny a warthog is in comparison with a hippoA lot of excitement and hasty packing as we got ready to go to the airstrip outside of Arusha for our flight on a small plane to Seronera airstrip in the heart of Serengeti. The flight was beautiful, and before we knew it, we found ourselves standing around very excited with the Berg Adventures vehicles and our Berg Adventures guides Maji and David waiting for us. 

One group took off with David, directly for Migration camp in the north of Serengeti. The rest of us, Steve, myself and all the Martin girls, took off with Maji on a real Serengeti game drive. You know, it took us about 1 ½ hours to drive the first kilometre because every few feet along the road you would hear, “There’s a lion! There’s a wildebeest!” and on and on. We laughed at Elizabeth because the first time she saw a warthog she said, “There’s a hippo! There’s a hippo!” We would tell her it wasn’t, but she insisted that it was a baby hippo. When we finally saw a real hippo, Elizabeth was shocked to realize how tiny a warthog is in comparison. We had great fun in the morning on that safari!

Those of us that had taken the long version had a nice lunch and we rolled in quite late in the evening – around 6:00 - to meet up with Doc and the rest of the crew at Migration camp. Now, one of Doc Martin’s favourite animals, the Rock Hyrax, and believe it or not, this furry little creature is the closest known relative to the elephant. Doc has been fascinated by the Rock Hyrax since he first saw it on a Berg Adventures safari years ago, and appropriately enough, Doc and everyone else found a Rock Hyrax playing all around our tents and everywhere that we are living at Migration camp.

Views of Serengeti from the cockpit of our plane

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