June 25, 2007 – At the Top of the Forest

Walking around the crater

I am calling you from the top of the forest, still several thousand feet above the road where we will be picked up tomorrow, but a long ways from the snow field crater at the top of Kilimanjaro where we slept last night. Jackie, Deke and a couple of Doc’s happy face after fulfilling his dream of spending a night inside the crater. Berg Adventures guides and some porters have already headed all the way out and they are in their way back to Arusha now and down for home. Deke has been talking bout North Carolina, Corinne and his kids a lot and Jackie is anxious to go back to Calgary, to her boys, Joseph, Brandon and Jack.                             

The rest of us as you know are heading out tomorrow, and we will be meeting the rest of the Martin family and we will be off on our safari adventure

This is Charles Martin 4th trip to Kili with Berg Adventures, the most recent being February 2006, when we were here with the wonderful group of people from British Columbia Association for Community Living, 43 people from across the province of British Columbia; there hasn’t been an hour on this trip that Charles and I haven’t talked about these folks. He was doc with a capital DOC. His spirit and his inspiration was a big part of their adventure here on the mountain

This trip was about Doc’s dream of sleeping in the crater and we were successful with that and we had a wonderful time. We will keep you posted as our adventure continue, we looking forward to be reunited with the rest of Martin’s family tomorrow. Steve has of course been there to greet them. We will keep you posted.

Our crater camp with lots of snow!

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