June 24, 2007 – Summit of Kilimanjaro on a Very Perfect Day

Image of Doc on a very emotional moment when he first summited Kilimanjaro with BAI on July 14, 2002

It is about 12:15 pm on the 24th, I am calling you from the most amazing place, I can hardly believe I am telling you I am calling you from Stella Point at 19,000 ft on the crater rim of Kilimanjaro and yes, the entire team is here.

Doc, Deke and Dennis walked up with a lot of our guides and staff right behind me and not far behind was Frank, Jackie and Caroline and we have a bunch of Berg Adventures staff up here.

Believe it or not, I have done a lot of dispatches from Stella Point. The wind usually blows really strong and we always need a down jacket. Today we have a picnic table out, brought the chairs out, the weather is pretty warm now, we are sitting here with the flowers on the table, we have a table cloth, there is not a breath of wind; and looking across at Uhuru peak; Halleluiah!  Only 300 feet higher than us.

Dennis remembers his brother Steve and offers this summit to himIt is an amazing day to be on top of Africa together, congratulations to Doc Martin and to the entire team.

Later on the 24th, report from the very summit of Kilimanjaro, Uhuru peak: 

It is 2pm on the 24th of June and I am calling you from Uhuru peak, the very top of Africa. Dennis just walked up here arm and arm with Doc and Deke, with tears in his eyes, and Dennis pulled me aside and said that “I did this climb for my brother Steve”. Then the rest of the group all joins us. Berg Adventures guides and porters and climbers, the entire team, are now here on the mountain; tears were flowing. Congratulations, what an amazing day.

This team saw a sight that I am not even sure going back on the Berg photo’s archives we can show you how much snow is on the mountain now. We walked slowly from Stella point but the point being now we are on top of Africa and it is a great feeling.

Thanks once again to Doc Martin for the determination, the spirit for pulling us all together, Dennis came from Seattle to be part of this team, Jackie came from Calgary and there was a Berg Adventures company dream for a couple of years now for Doc Martin to climb Uhuru again and to do exactly what he is going to do tonight:  Sleep in the crater at the top of Kilimanjaro.

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